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Birth Chart Prints

Home of the original Astrology Birth Chart Print

Astrom Council was created in 2015 by Astrologer and Certified Hypnotist Evelyn Zuel with a desire to offer beautifully designed astrological tools for the astrology enthusiast. 

Evelyn Zuel is owner of The Mystic Parlor, offers astrology readings, insights and is also a certified Past Life Regressionist located Yucca Valley, CA.

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Astrology Charts and Readings

Custom Astrology Charts

The Holidays are around the corner. These Custom Astrology Charts are a thoughtful way to say "I adore you" for your witchy friends. The part part is trying to find a way to get your friends birth info without spilling the beans!

Each chart is printed on Professional no fade luster paper and comes with a one page write up of the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign. Additional write up pages can be purchased at the shop. 5 Colors to choose from.

Astrology Reading

Every single person receives a specific energy pattern upon their first breath on Earth. This energy is a complete picture of where the galaxy was at that specific moment. Essentially the native is breathing in the energy of the moment and to be able to read that pattern is what Astrology entails. To have your birth chart read is to be empowered with the confidence of knowing what your song is and singing it proudly. 

We offer Astrology Consultations, Birth Chart readings, Relationship Readings and Wedding Electional dates.

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