September 30, 2016

New Moon in Libra // September 30th at 5:04pm - Dark Moon Phase

Lately I have been reading a lot about the Dark Moon and have come to understand it as something very sacred. Recently I asked, during meditation to go to the dark side, my shadow self and show me what is i...

September 26, 2016

Balsamic Moon in Leo // The Bard's Moon September 26th - 6:42pm

The Sun changes signs and the Moon enters its dark phase for three days before it ends the cycle.

"The life impulse distills and concentrates the wisdom of the entire cycle into a capsule, a seed of ideas fo...

September 26, 2016

Waning Quarter Moon in Cancer September 23rd 2:51am // The Widow's Moon

The Waning Quarter Moon is much like the Waxing Quarter Moon in that there is another call to action. The Moon is 90° away from the Sun in Water and Earth. The moon now rises at midnight and sets at...

September 19, 2016

The Disseminating Moon in Taurus - September 19th @ 6:17pm // The Builder's Moon

The Moon is at 12° Taurus. A Grand Earth Trine is being formed between the Moon, Mercury and Pluto. The Earth element is stabilizing and gives us an emotional break from the watery full moo...

September 16, 2016

Full Moon in Pisces - September 16, 12:05pm // The Healer's Moon

The Full Moon is the culmination of the energies of the current moon cycle. It is the time when we reflect back on our new moon intentions and release anything that has been blocking our energy for active...

September 14, 2016

Metaphorically, ascending up a mountain might be more fulfilling than looking down from the top. There is a decent amount of fun in the uncertainty of possibly failing at a goal. It is the joy of the climb that has propelled us to where we are now, at a victory. Now th...

September 14, 2016

Some people say, "Actions speak louder than words." But do they? You may have been feeling like your good deeds are going unnoticed, or that someone has forgotten to say a simple "thank you" for something you went out of your way to do. Remember than in most, if not al...

September 13, 2016

Gibbous Moon in Aquarius September 13th 1:17am // The Trickster’s Moon

The Gibbous Moon is clean up time from the quarter moon. The archetypes are challenged but ready for it. It is now time to get to work. The Aquarius moon is trying to send us a message and it’s not q...

September 9, 2016

September 9th 5:02am Waxing Quarter Moon in Sagittarius // The Seeker’s Moon

The waxing quarter moon is the onset for an internal crisis. The moon is 90° away from the Sun in a fire sign: Sagittarius, while the Sun is still in Virgo. The relationship between the moon an...

September 9, 2016

When the Sun appears, we are graced with warmth and vitality.  There's no more hiding behind closed doors to feel safe.  You are meant to shine and show all of your true colors. You came here to express all that is within you. If you feel you're lacking in any way, it...

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July 20, 2020

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Synastry Chart Readings

Every person is born with an energy map that doesn't change but evolves based on the environment around them. Each map resonates with it's surroundings in a different way. A synastry readings is a Couple's Astrology Reading where each person's chart is read with the purpose of gaining a deeper insight into the relationship. Are you right for each other? Is there a karmic lesson to the relationship that needs to be healed? Book an appointment with me and we'll figure it out!

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Perfect gifts for birthdays, weddings, or to treat yourself and find out more about your cosmic biology. 

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Astrological Readings are perfect for people who want to dive deeper into their cosmological make up and learn what their true life purpose. Go deep with Evelyn Zuel and allow the healing to begin.

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