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Forecast for June 5th 9:00 am, Los Angeles CA.

For this day, Leo was rising and the ruler of Leo, the Sun is in Gemini in the 10th house. This signifies that the face that we are presenting to the world is for the benefit of our careers currently. There is a ton of energy for us geared toward making the first baby steps of learning the information that we need in regards to our life goals and career and social status. One thing with Sun in Gem in 10th is; be careful to not get caught up in the new idea or trends of the moment in the work place or with your career, "don't go chasing waterfalls" as the late great TLC once said. With Jupiter in the 12th house of Leo we are really expanding on our spiritual realm and are not as much about receiving knowledge via dreams but expressing the knowledge that we have retrieved via dreams. Some of us may be more inclined lately to explore alternative spiritual practices from other parts of the globe that we had not thought of or have been for the past few months. Seikhism? Buddhism? heck, Shinto?? Venus had just entered Leo in the 12th house at the time so any of the previous spiritual expansion that I mentioned will be coupled with love and also *Self Love*. Finding that form of expression for self love is also a fantastic theme. One can explore this by being musical in some way or in the form of poetry come to think of it, just the other night I laid down with the man in our love nest and listened to some Tibetan Singing Bowls for the first time and that was pretty spectacular. With Uranus Trine Jupiter, this great wave of spiritual expression may be somewhat strange or erratic for the practitioner maybe the practitioner will also be taken aback by her own out right out spoken demeanor. Saturn just hit 0 degrees Sagittarius and was in our 4th house of home. Any form of structure in the home or new way of structuring your familial dynamic based off of this self love expression is highly welcomed. Example: if you are expressing yourself to someone from your family or that you share a home with in a way that is from the heart and is meaningful to your spiritual practices they may also be so inclined to take up the practice with you and evolve or transform their own way of spiritual practice. Basically your family, more specifically your father is more inclined to receive your cooky creative expressions/ faith/ art form IF it is expressed from the heart. He may not like the way it looks from a societal standpoint but is being tolerant AND may even, one day, come around to finding the benefit to your beliefs. OR with Saturn in 4th Sagg it just might have been really hard to leave the house, plane and simple. The moon was conjunct Pluto in capricorn so there was/ is a slow and steady penetrating concentration on our own feelings and how they jive with our social standing/career. if any of you art or acting or singing it may have been a more technical logistics kind of day rather then getting much creating done. A lot more focus on the structure of your art form rather then being in the moment of the performance....


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