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July Update

Venus and Jupiter have conjunct and gone and has left everyone asking "Why the hell are all of my friends acting so strange?"

I'll tell you, it's because Venus - the planet of love and passion and all things feminine - has kissed Jupiter - the planet of expansion, higher learning, education and exploration in the sign of Leo - the boisterous, flamboyant and sometimes loud *look at me! look at me!* sign. Which is no surprise at all that the Supreme Court pulled a fast one on all of us and whipped out a new legislation ruling Gay Marriage legal across all 50 states. dope. Venus was exactly conjunct Jupiter June 30th at 21 degrees. Venus goes stationary (beginning of its retrograde cycle) about July 21 at 0 degrees in Virgo and moves Rx (Retrograde) on July 24th to move back again with Jupiter on August 3rd! I cannot wait to see what details we will be re-hashing in terms of Gay Marriage, equal rights and women's rights around that time. Maybe Madonna on the bitcoin??

And now ars. He who doth pour his wrath just entered the sign of Cancer - the emotional power house of a sign. Mars is the planet of life force being exerted outside of ourselves and Cancer is the sign of emotional expression, memories of the past and homeland security (not the American Gov'ment kind but the personal security we feel in our selves and the place we live). This is a position where tempers are easy to flare and we may be holding on to our emotions more securely, making us seem a little more testy then usual. I've been hearing a lo of people asking "what is up with the universe cuz shit seems outrageous". When one planet leaves a sign and enters a new one it is felt way more strongly then when it was in the previous sign. I'll explain; have you ever heard of the saying "It's harder to see the forest through the trees"? well it's very similar to when a planet leaves a sign. Once a planet is out of the sign that it had been in we here on earth feel the veil of that energy being lifted/shifted into a new wave of energy, we become acclimated to that frequency and then bam! it moves into a new sign again! Once it's in a new sign we are able to see how the last planetary placement felt, therefore looking at the forest that once was... from a whole new forest. Here's an example. Mars was in Taurus which is a super slow fixed sign. Taurus likes to keep things how they are and doesn't like much change in his routine. So mars in Taurus was pretty stable, we're building our finances, there's a little more sense of urgency with money, we may even had been craving sugar waay more then usual (eh-hem). Mars in Gemini probably felt a little like your brain was on fire and you were pumped for all kinds of new things to learn/talk about. Your phone might not have stopped ringing. And now with mars in Cancer, which is a cardinal sign that deals with emotions it's like Wha-Bam! "Remember all of those things you felt about your mom when you were 10 that pissed you off??? Well, here they are!" It's initially disturbing and jolting for some of us who don't have a lot of water in our charts but eventually we will become temperate with the waters and then mars will move on to the next sign (Leo) and wha-push us again. I have been reading Stephen Arroyo's book Astrology, Karma and Transformation where he explains the concept of a planet creating more of a tidal wave when it enters a new sign. It's really all perspective, man...

I'm just going to say this here since by now some of you may be super confused and or annoyed, as a Libra sun, Scorpio rising with mercury in the first house, I very much like to get my ideas out and not think much about them ever again. Thus punctuation and grammar are but a tedious detail that I'd like to burn down along with all of the DMV's in California. <---(that was a satirical joke! USA). So I don't apologize for mispelling or bad grammer. :) If you have anything to comment on, have questions about or just want to talk to another human indirectly via the internet web browser, please leave comments below (unless it has anything to do with my typos, then you can just keep your comments to yourself) ;)


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