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Acting in Balance

The Three card spread for week is: the 6 of Cups, Queen of Wands and the Temperance card.With the six of cups, we are invited to share in emotional experiences with others which is perfect timing since our Sun has just entered Cancer on June 22nd. Cancer is a water sign that governs emotions and in heartfelt giving. What this spread is telling us is to know we are supported in return by the benevolent universe. Support can be in the form of an actual person who can "get the ball rolling" for you in whatever endeavor you are pursuing. The Queen of Wands has had much experience using her intuition that she knows precisely when to act. Be open to the fire energy around you ready to yield their support. In the process of acting, it's important to maintain balance. As we see in the Temperance card, the astrological symbol of the trine on the angel's gown, harmony and easy flow come from maintaining balance in all areas of your life, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These four aspects are illustrated with the land, water, the sun on her forehead representing the ego mind "mental" and her wings as the spiritual aspect.


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