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Full Moon in Aquarius

This month's full moon will be in Aquarius at 2:25 AM PST on Thursday / Thor's day / Jupiter day.

Full Moon cycles are the periods of culmination from the beginning of the New Moon Cycle. Full Moons are times to release where New Moons are times to begin. With the Full Moon in Aquarius what are we releasing? That is a very personal question but if you are holding a ritual for this Full Moon and would like some ideas I've got you:

Releasing attachments to technology, social media and the Internet: going outside and connecting with the earth is a great process for this. Grounding all of that electricity that you have been consuming via solid massive rocks or the forest and dirt is super healing and rejuvenating.

Mantra: I heal my mind from the invasive frequencies I constantly find myself in

Stone: onyx, black obsidian, tourmaline

Releasing friendships that no longer serve you: se la vie douche bags! – Sorry my Mercury in Scorpio crept in there. What I meant was, having a mourning period for fallen friends or praise new ones coming in is a good time for Full Moon in Aquarius as Aquarius is the planet of networks, friends and community. If you have left a community or moved into a new one now is a good time to commemorate what you had and praise what will come!

Mantra: I welcome all future friendships that come into my path that are here for karmic healing purposes only. I commemorate the friendships that I’ve had throughout my life that have completed their karmic cycles.

Stone: Rose Quarts, Garnet

Releasing stubbornness! Aquarius’ signature phrase is “I know” and hey, they probably do about a lot of things but remaining humble in nature allows room to let others in.

Mantra: I release my stubbornness to/towards _____ so that I may be more open and free to express my highest self.

Stone: Aquamarine, Moon Stone, Lapis Lazuli

Release emotional attachments that no longer serve you.

Mantra: I am no longer attached to the feeling of ____ because it does not serve my highest good.

Stone: Smokey Quartz, Moon Stone,

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus the planet of instant change, chaos and random blissful moments of divine insight! Open yourself up to the messages and allow for those words of wisdom from the heavens shine through.

Happy Full Moon!

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