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New Moon in Virgo

This is the first post in a series of 8 that follows the full cycle of the Moon for the month of September. How perfect that the New Moon cycle begins on September 1st. The moment the Moon becomes new is 2:03am PST.

The New Moon

The New Moon starts a 28 day long synodic cycle. If one decides to live a life based off of Earth's natural rhythm, knowing what cycle the moon is in is key to understanding the ebb and flow of our emotional nature. The New Moon aka the White Moon is a time for us here on Earth to draw in to ourselves, listen to our thoughts and begin a new journey. The Moon's light is being hidden by the earth's shadow but she still remains aware, existing in a psychic realm.

The Maiden's Moon

The New Moon in Virgo is not the most charming and social of the 12 signs but boy does she get shit done! Don't put yourself down if all you want to do is work on personal projects during this moon and experiencing the benefits of being alone with your own thoughts. Being apart of a circle or group for ceremony is fantastic and a great opportunity for connecting but there are some cycles that force our attentions inward. Working on something methodical that has a rhythm, alone will bode well with the energies for this moon. As much as you may want to share and be around others a tendency towards tunnel vision may make socializing more difficult.

Some examples of the Virgo New Moon mediations are: Mandala work, drawing, coloring, weaving, needle and thread, knitting, cleaning (yeah, I know), gardening and reading. It may be more difficult to share intimate details with others because of the pleasure you feel with being alone. People born with their Moon in Virgo can relate to this.

​Neptune opposite the Moon and Sun:

The new moon on September 1st will be opposite Neptune in Pisces which feels like a swing rocking back and forth between "my" spiritual compass and "your" spiritual compass. It may be difficult to see eye to eye with other people's preferred method for spirituality which is the perfect time to learn. Rather then criticizing what you don't know make the effort to learn and perfect the information that you already have.

A little anecdote on Neptune in Pisces:

Humans belong to a unit within the Universe. We call this unit humanity. To unite with in humanity is to be Piscean, it is to share in other people's suffering as if it is our own. To be human and accept one's place within the whole is piscean. Neptune currently lives within Pisces creating an idealistic, wholesome, ethereal and spiritually charged existence. Neptune rules Pisces and together they work to unite our seemingly separate selves with our main, higher self.

"My main self, her name is Human"

Saturn and Mars are tearing shit up:

Saturn the Preacher and Mars the doer - People will be practicing what they preach even if what they preach does not benefit the unity of the whole. The benefit to all of this is the unveiling process, meaning we get to see who the jerks are and what their stance is on political and philosophical matters.

Jupiter and Mercury RX conjunct:

A lot of criticism towards others actions that they've taken based off of theosophical and philosophical beliefs and personal truths - very much like the veteran who didn't want to stand up for the National Anthem. Judging people's way of life and origins is very heavy. What is positive about being critical in this way is the ability to then look at one's own beliefs and perfect them, learning from other's mistakes - which is a very similar relationship to parent and child.

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