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The Dancer's Moon - Crescent Moon in LIbra

The Waxing Crescent Moon began on September 5th at 2:03AM PST. It starts when the Moon is 45 degrees away from the Sun after a New Moon.

What does the Waxing Crescent Moon even mean?

If you imagine the whole Moon cycle as the germination and cultivation process of a seed the Waxing Crescent would be the time when the seed has begun to grow roots. It's the time when the seed has begun to dig into the soil and feel out its surroundings. It is a "call to action" phase when the germination process has finished and it is now time to take the first step on our journey.

The moon is in Libra during its waxing crescent phase and will be examining the surface area around it, weighing out the pros and cons of every little detail. Raven Caldera calls this the Dancer's Moon because this is the time when we begin to learn the difference between objective and subjectivity towards our New Moon intentions. We dance between the two concepts, weighing out the options of both and what it means to our end goal.

When talking about moon phases we cannot forget about where the Sun is because the two of them exist together. The light of the Moon exists because of its relationship to the Sun.

The Sun is still in Virgo so there will be a tinge of scrutiny and criticism for the Moon during the whole month of September.

During this moon we critique beauty, others and our relationships. It is a Moon of very fine discernment between what is fair and what is not, it is very sensitive to slight shifts of balance and feeling more comfortable around close partnerships.

What is the difference between Beauty and Good? Are they synonymous with each other or do they have any relationship at all? This moon allows us to examine the concepts of beauty vs. good and ugly vs. evil and to hopefully come to terms with the fact that beauty does not determine what is good. What is ugly in our world does not constitute as being evil and vice versa.

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