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The Seeker's Moon

September 9th 5:02am Waxing Quarter Moon in Sagittarius // The Seeker’s Moon

The waxing quarter moon is the onset for an internal crisis. The moon is 90° away from the Sun in a fire sign: Sagittarius, while the Sun is still in Virgo. The relationship between the moon and the sun is like that of fire and earth right now; rapid external force and necessary action! The internal crisis for the Seeker’s Moon concerns whether or not you are choosing the appropriate life experiences that are not a waste of time but honest ways of exploring the spiritual realms. In short, are you creating rituals for yourself that are a distraction? Do you check to make sure the car door is locked 5 times already knowing that it is locked? That is a waste of time. Are there creature comforts that you partake in that are of no service to you but make you feel as though you are being productive? Everyone has that one obsessive-compulsive behavior that they ritualistically perform in order to find a fleeting sense of peace inside. Ritual is a behavior we do to create order in our lives when we feel we have none and is a beautiful thing to do to honor Mother Nature and the perpetual motion of our Universe. A ceremonial candle for a loved one who has passed every year for their birthday is a beautiful ritual or a prayer before eating, giving thanks for bounty but there are rituals that get in the way of our every day lives and that gives a false sense of security/distraction. This moon is poking a finger at those rituals. On another note: adventure seems like a chore right now. Yearning for that ultimate thrill to connect you with deeper meaning, giving purpose to your life. Being bogged down by the daily chores of life during this time may cause one to react in paralyzing fear that your life has no meaning. Maybe it’s time for a change, you know it’s time for a change. Maybe this is the annoying inner voice that’s been requesting more of your attention. When your daily life doesn’t sync up with your truth, it’s time to take action.

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