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The Trickster's Moon

Gibbous Moon in Aquarius September 13th 1:17am // The Trickster’s Moon

The Gibbous Moon is clean up time from the quarter moon. The archetypes are challenged but ready for it. It is now time to get to work. The Aquarius moon is trying to send us a message and it’s not quite making sense right now. Aquarius is sometimes difficult to understand to begin with but during this time mercury is Rx and the moon and the sun are requiring some adjustments to each other. The sun is in a very precise sign, very detailed oriented and the moon wants to project upon us a way to see the whole of humanity while our focus is on the details and what is practical so you can see how miscommunication is high at the moment.

The Moon in Aquarius is an emotionally distant moon, it prefers to take a step back and watch the effects of its work from a distance and remain separate from the group. Another side to this moon for us is the potential for overactive worrying, mental fog and rehashing details over and over and over again. There is always a positive side to everything (says the Libra). There is a part of every person called the Higher Self. This is the part of us that absorbs everything around us and works behind the scenes, this part of us is aside from our subconscious, a super consciousness that you can hear and also ignore. It’s the voice that says “you should…” and then you say out loud “Yeah I know, but I’d rather watch tv”. Your higher self will be receiving these messages for you from the moon in Aquarius and when you are ready and willing you can ask it what it is that you need to know and it will speak.

A great practice to perform during this moon phase – which would be just a couple of days, is to do a meditative clearing, burn some sage and frankincense and settle the mind.

Dare I say lay off the caffeine? I do! because the messages of the Gibbous Moon in Aquarius is unlike anything our animal minds can comprehend. These messages and intuitive feelings require a very deep awareness of self and while the Mercury and the Sun are in Virgo it will be very difficult to acknowledge anything but the physical world. So just remember to take it slow.

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