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Metaphorically, ascending up a mountain might be more fulfilling than looking down from the top. There is a decent amount of fun in the uncertainty of possibly failing at a goal. It is the joy of the climb that has propelled us to where we are now, at a victory. Now that you have what you wanted, you might feel that you just have more to lose. It might feel it’s only temporary gains, because it required so much energy for you to get to this win in the first place. This could be a relationship milestone, or a job promotion, or your position within some kind of organized activity like a church or a sport. Whatever the case, do not allow yourself to feel under qualified. You are wherever you are on your path because you made the conscious choice to put effort into it. Others may have helped you, but trust that they would not have elevated you to this point if you were not the right choice at this time. You are ready. But be aware of the difference in fulfillment between doing something because you want to it, or doing something because you feel everyone else wants you to. Take some time to figure out which is truer. And if the latter is the case, ask yourself why you feel so obligated. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You have come a long way.

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