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Do the Right Thing, Right Now

Some people say, "Actions speak louder than words." But do they? You may have been feeling like your good deeds are going unnoticed, or that someone has forgotten to say a simple "thank you" for something you went out of your way to do. Remember than in most, if not all human relationships, we are shown a mirror of ourselves in another person.

We expect from other people what we expect from ourselves, for better or worse. So perhaps ask yourself first, if you are good at voicing your appreciation for other's acts of kindness. Have you shown appropriate gratitude? Sometimes words do speak more than actions. You might be surprised by how much someone truly does love what you did for them, but you'd never know unless you start that conversation.

Also, don't become too attached to those good things you've already done. We are not just the sum of our past actions. And we are definitely not our good intentions for the future. Do the right thing, right now. You will have a greater sense of self worth as a result.

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