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The Healer's Moon // Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon in Pisces - September 16, 12:05pm // The Healer's Moon

The Full Moon is the culmination of the energies of the current moon cycle. It is the time when we reflect back on our new moon intentions and release anything that has been blocking our energy for active motion.

Astrologers explain eclipses as resembling a tidal wave. The wave that builds up over the ocean is the 6 months before an eclipse and the peak of the wave is the exact eclipse point. When the wave comes crashing down is the equivalent to a few days after and when the wave equalizes is the 6 month period before the next eclipse. Events that happen during the Eclipse season usually culminates 6 months after the Eclipse. So what were you doing 6 months ago? Did anything significant happen to you that may be culminating now or settling down?

Astronomically speaking this is the Harvest Moon - I can't ignore that point because it is the time when the moon is the closest to the earth making it huge and beautiful. Since the light of the Harvest Moon is so bright it is ideal for farmers to continue their work in the fields before the cold of winter sets in, hence it's name: The Harvest Moon.

The Seed that we planted on September 1st with the New Moon has reached the peak of flowering potential. For the visual readers out there let's say we have been cultivating a Sunflower. At this point our Sunflower has bloomed and all of her petals have unfolded themselves to receive the light of the Sun. Bask in the light of the full moon like the Sunflower and walk under it with your fellow feminine friends (male or female because men need moon juice too). Go out into the night with no flashlights to experience the sterling silver light of the Full Moon in Pisces. My husband and I will be off in the forest somewhere by the time you're reading this :)

This is the Grand Daddy or the Grand Dark Lady archetype of Pisces - the self-sacrificing healer! There are wounds opening up now due to the previous experiences the moon has endured this month and anger still remains, words have been spoken that cannot be taken back and setting aside one's logical expressions of love is hard to dismiss (tough love). Pisces full moon requires us to forgive everyone for everything they've ever done - but if that's too much for now, maybe at least forgive the three closest people to you. This is important to do because in forgiving others it aids in the healing process of the self, because when you heal yourself you heal humanity. The theme this month has really been about finding ways to integrate ourselves back into the unity of the main source.

The Sun still remains in Virgo - the healer and servant, the victim mentality is strong right now and it is important to remember that your suffering is everyone's suffering. Pisces is the great martyr, sacrificing itself for the good of others always. If you have been sacrificing yourself a TON this month take this time to step out of the wounded healer role and into a bath tub! Virgos especially! You guys work so hard, it's definitely optimum time to take an R&R joy ride to sleepy town and take a freakin nap!

As always, the Full Moon is about release. Here are some suggested release mantras you can meditate over during your Full Moon ritual this month.


Mantras for the Healer's Moon

I am Sorry

I Admit my Wrongs

I Understand Now That When I Hurt You I Hurt Myself

You Are a Reflection of Me

We Are One

I Heal This Part of Me ____ in Order to Heal Humanity


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