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The Builder's Moon

The Disseminating Moon in Taurus - September 19th @ 6:17pm // The Builder's Moon

The Moon is at 12° Taurus. A Grand Earth Trine is being formed between the Moon, Mercury and Pluto. The Earth element is stabilizing and gives us an emotional break from the watery full moon, lunar eclipse in Pisces that we experienced on September 16th.

The Disseminating Moon aspect to the sun is that which requires slight adjustment, there are some uncomfortable damp spots that need to hang out to dry. We've admitted to our wrong doings during the Full Moon and now it's time to rebuild trust in ourselves. It may be easy to want to sit back and relax, smell the flowers and take a bath but there's bridges that were burnt that need to be hammered out.

The Moon really likes Taurus. It thrives in Taurus' sturdy and stable ways since it is often easily swayed this way and that. Building things is a huge theme for this Moon. If you have been neglecting some house hold construction projects you may be randomly inclined to finally hang that picture that's been sitting in your hallway for almost a year (hey, I've just been waiting for the disseminating moon in taurus!). Well now is a fine time to do some beautification projects around the house.

Additionally, Neptune is in opposition of Retrograde Mercury, this can cause a lot of self doubt. Remember to be your own master. Everyone is under this influence right now wether they show it or not so be weary of the promises that people are making and don't take it personal if people back out of plans. It was probably out of an honest mistake and they may be feeling the same self doubt.

Hasta Luego!

Evelyn Von Zuel

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