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The Bard's Moon

Balsamic Moon in Leo // The Bard's Moon September 26th - 6:42pm

The Sun changes signs and the Moon enters its dark phase for three days before it ends the cycle.

"The life impulse distills and concentrates the wisdom of the entire cycle into a capsule, a seed of ideas for future visions."

The overbearing knowing that a death is upon us. The Balsamic Moon, no matter what sign it is in represents the introspection of self and the shadow period of the cycle of life. Macrocosmically it is the decaying processes all life experiences. It is a beautiful and very feared part of our existence as non-existence becomes more and more apparent. This is the entrance into the dark Moon Phase, the highly psychic version of ourselves. It is when we simmer over the ideas and philosophies we've come across and integrate the old expressions of ourselves with the whole. This moon is old, it is wise and it is tired. The Balsamic Moon has no patience for frivolous behavior; it is stubborn at its worst and completely understanding and all knowing at its best.

When the Balsamic Moon is in Leo we call this the Bard's Moon according to Raven Kaldera. During the Bard's Moon we are called to listen and digest/understand all that we have encountered in terms of entertainment, entertaining news and politics. We are called to listen deeply and peer into the shadows of the information we receive, to be judgmental and critical.

"On the Bard's Moon, we speak or write our opinions, or read aloud the eloquent and persuasive opinions of writers we respect. It is acceptable to debate during this time, so long as people are careful to speak from their highest selves and not their bitter shadows. If you cannot speak publicly with other people, at least read eloquent and inspirational political writing and think deeply about how it moves you."

- Raven Kaldera

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