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Fluorite is beautiful translucent mineral with amazing hues of green, purple, pink and blue. It can be found here in the U.S. in Kentucky and Illinois, England, Germany and Mexico. Its healing properties range from bringing mental clarity to increased psychic awareness. You can count on the energy of this stone to support memory and boost clarity, helping you to ace that test or interview. It also can help to ground energy and stabilize it. Healers may use fluorite to help to clear the aura of individuals. It can remove stuck or discordant energies and get everything free flowing again. You may choose to place a piece of fluorite on your third eye to activate it. This will influence psychic information to become clear to you and clairvoyant experiences may occur as a result.

Fluorite’s composition is mainly that of Calcium Fluoride which is one of the 12 cell salts necessary for optimal functioning of the human body. Calcium Fluoride corresponds to zodiac sign of Cancer. Said to be good for muscle and ligament tonicity, thus helping prevent muscle prolepsis as well as healthy teeth enamel. Foods containing this salt include: Turnips, Asparagus, Beets, Goat Cheese, Kelp, Garlic and Pineapple.

What are some of your experiences with Fluorite? Have you meditated with it? Show us your crystal grids!

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