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Facing Your Demons: Crucial Moments in the Ascension Process

If you have awoken, you are one of the souls here on Earth with a special mission in this lifetime to heal all inner distortion and to heal the illusion of separation from all-that-is. Congratulations, this is a very beautiful, challenging, and sacred purpose. On the journey towards self-realization, as we raise our vibration, we can begin to encounter new realities, even totally different dimensions. If you are a soul that has endeavored upon this kind of departure from common perception, as you raise your spiritual vibration and develop higher sense perception, you will probably encounter what appear to be other beings; whether you can actually “see” them on the astral plane or you just feel them. These beings could be any variety of expression; angels or “demons”, but for the purpose of this article, I’m going to be talking about the lower vibrational kinds of beings. As you, oh awakened one, are on such a very important mission; I want to take the opportunity to clear up a few things.

As a mystical sort myself, and as a spiritual healing facilitator, I find my friends or clients will often chalk up a challenging situation to the influence of “demons”. Well, on the one hand they are not wrong. In the fourth dimension, on the astral plane (which is a real “place”) there are beings, or thought forms, which are endowed with a kind of consciousness and with a kind of will of their own.

These beings CAN “attach” themselves to your auric field and influence thoughts and feelings. The ways and reasons for why this occurs are numerous and through no conscious fault of anyone. The resulting emotions are valid and the trouble that ensues is legitimate. I have immense compassion for the reality of the situation. However, the problem with this kind of perspective, is that it's a trap. In the fourth dimension, there is still separation, but on the higher dimensions, all is one and all is emanating into decreasing densities of perceivable form from the one source that is pure light energy. And so, assuming that “demons” and lower astral entities have true autonomy is enforcing an attitude of victimhood and confusing the real issue which is simply that: These beings are drawn to you because there are distortions in your energy field that are in resonance with the expression of the entity. The entity is a divine mirror to help you see yourself more clearly so that you can accomplish the sacred work of clearing karma. This is a very subtle conversation indeed. Did the entity interfere first, causing the emotion? or did the emotion attract the entity? What I know to be true about this infinite universe is that we have karma that carries from lifetime to lifetime, and the soul incarnates with the intention of learning and transcending certain lessons. I believe that existing karma will condition our energy field to attract precisely the lessons we chose to resolve during this lifetime.


The deepest wound that humanity collectively shares is abandonment


We can either resist this truth and continue to suffer; or we can accept, surrender, and get to work. There is no miracle healing; you are your own miracle. We all have heard the phrase: “face your demons,” well, if you are perceiving demons, then the demon is you- it is a reflection, on some level, of something deep within that you have demonized: judged, turned away from, deemed as too difficult to look at and not worthy of your time. The deepest wound that humanity collectively shares is abandonment... so why do we continue to abandon ourselves? All energy beings are made of light, what is "darkness" is light that has forgotten it is light. What your negative feelings and unresolved issues are is light that forgot it was light. If you are experiencing dark astral entities it is a call from the universe to get you to do some real healing. We all have Karma that polarizes our energy body to certain experiences, both negative and positive.

We are empowered in this lifetime, through our conscious awareness, to "clear" this karma by dealing with our own issues. This can be done through turning the light of consciousness to those feelings and welcoming them home back into the light that you are.

The night before the Buddha reached enlightenment, he was faced with his final transcendence: as he sat beneath the Bodhi tree in meditation the demon Mara was doing everything he could to bother Siddhartha and distract him from his sacred task. Mara sent his most beautiful daughter to seduce Siddhartha; he sent hordes of monsters to disturb him. Eventually the Buddha came out of meditation and asked his faithful friend Ananda to make tea for himself and the demon Mara. It was this act that liberated him. When you are faced with a demon, ask the demon in for tea.

Buddha and the Bodhi Tree

Buddha sitting underneath the Bodhi Tree

Please begin to remember that anything “dark”, anything painful, un-preferred, intimidating or challenging- even something that is down right traumatizing- is just a fractured expression of light and a part of the sacred puzzle the soul must solve in order to return to the state of oneness with divinity.

I find there is a common attitude in most spiritual community, that says: If you are doing everything “right” as a “spiritual person” you should not have negative feelings. That is dangerous and erroneous new age crap, and if you ask my opinion, it is set in place as a marketing scheme to get you to feel like you are not good enough and to sell products and seminars. The truth is, we ALL incarnate with karma and the only way to clear karma and evolve is to face our negative feelings head on. Has anyone ever told you that karma is actual held energy in our physical bodies? We experience this karma as emotions; and that until we process these emotional energy patterns we will be caught in a revolving mirror-reality that is only serving to show us ourselves? Self-realization does not mean coming into perfect, even supernatural, power through positive focus; it means seeing yourself completely. Each and every part of yourself. This is true spirituality. All is spirit, and all is divine. Even and especially those parts of us that have been distorted. The only solution for distortion is acceptance and love.

Alas, fears will be very sneaky and deceptive. Fears are created and perpetuated by the ego-personality; which is attempting to protect you. As you learn, the ego learns too; so fears will try to convince you that by continuing your identification with them you are preventing the things you are afraid of from happening or from happening again. This is not the case. In reality, the fears are polarizing your field to attract these kinds of experiences. Instead, if we can integrate and accept what we are afraid of we will straighten out the distortions in our energy system and “wipe the smudges from our glasses” so that we can see clearly what is actually going on. From this place of clarity, we can make mature empowered decisions.

So now that we understand what is really going on here, what is the solution? Forgiveness. If you are truly ready to transform your life from one of struggle and resistance, to one of peace and equanimity, then you must commit to facing each and every painful emotion stored in your energy body. You must begin to look within, to the place in your physical body that is experiencing the feeling, and you must begin to shift your perspective to understand that the distortion within you is a karma waiting to be integrated. This karmic pattern is what caused the reflection of the challenging situation or the “entity” to manifest in your awareness. It is no one’s fault, and it is not good or bad. It is just what is. This is the game of incarnation.


The universe is made of grace, of pure love, and the only thing that needs to be done in order to receive grace is to ask and then to surrender your resistance.


This process requires fierce courage. The ego will fight you on every front, because the ego believes in right and wrong, and in good and bad. The ego believes in separation. The spirit knows its all a part of the divine play, and so this work takes faith and surrender and a willingness to accept responsibility for your portion of the distortion. So long as we are holding ourselves separate, to preserve our ego-image as “being good” or “being right” we are perpetuating challenge in our lives.

There are many methods to facilitate the reintegration process. In my opinion and experience, these are the necessary steps:

First of all, commit to the process of fully facing each and every distortion in our energy field. If this seems like an overwhelming and long and difficult task, this is the first opportunity to be kind to yourself and to also be brave and face the feelings of overwhelm. Now I’m going to mention the high-vibrational sort of astral being: your higher self and your angels and guides are there to help you. Admit that you don’t know how to do this and ask for help. The universe is made of grace, of pure love, and the only thing that needs to be done in order to receive grace is to ask and then to surrender your resistance. It is also advisable to seek loving support from a healer or psychotherapist who can guide you in this process and hold space. The next step is to begin to recognize all the ways in which you run away from yourself and your emotions. This usually looks like turning to drugs and alcohol; engaging in meaningless sex, gossiping or projecting your negative feelings on others, and even meditation and other spiritual practice can be self-denial. Once you are present with the ways in which you abandon yourself then the real work begins.

My personal process, and the process I teach my clients, looks a little something like this: Depending upon the kind of feeling I am experiencing I use two main methods. One is an inner child work meditation originated by Teal Swan. She says PAIN really stands for: “Pay Attention, Integrate Now” and I couldn’t agree more. The other method involves a combination of phrases, including the ancient Hawaiian healing mantra ho'oponopono: “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you”. In both cases the initial work begins with scanning the body to find the energy signature of the emotion in order to become fully present with it. This is a meditative experience wherein you enter into an alternative consciousness in order to become one with the feeling. You will be engaging in dialogue wherein you are listening to the feeling to know what it needs from you as well as communicating to the feeling itself. Once you find the feeling within the body you can begin to speak to that piece of yourself in order to guide it back home into the light that you are.

When dealing with deeply repressed emotions, I find the first thing one should do is say hello. I literally say, out loud: “Hello Anger” (sadness, guilt, insecurity, etc.) and the next this you should do is offer it respect. Say, “I respect your power.” This feeling is innocent and so appropriate considering everything you have been through, so offer it respect. Often this will be enough to ease the feeling from its state of resistance. The next thing is to receive information from your subconscious mind according to what is the root fear surrounding that emotion. This is where self trust and patience comes in, as well as working with an intuitive and compassionate healer, can help you see the root of the feeling. You can then apply the integration technique from the book “A world Without Fear” by John Jones. By repeating out loud the phrase “I am my fear ... of feeling vulnerable, of feeling angry, powerless, etc.” we are affirming to our subconscious that the fear is only a projection of our mind. These phrases, spoken aloud in addition to ho’oponopono will bring the light of your consciousness to these stored energy patterns and re-energize them back into alignment with the truth of your eternal soul. Once the energy signature has changed and moved into a feeling of relief, I follow up with “I love you” and “thank you.”

This powerful practice is very simple. Once learned, it can be done anywhere, any time you have a moment of privacy. There is no mystery here; the healer and the healed are you. Spirit is you. Source is you. Through honoring and treasuring your own sacred heart, through clearing yourself out, you raise the collective vibration of the entirety of mankind. Thank you for your dear contribution and blessings on your journey.


Alexandra Poole wishes to support as many people as possible as they navigate the often bewildering process of spiritual healing. She specializes in utilizing many forms of reiki healing in combination with shadow work processing. She is also passionate about helping others to develop a perspective in which the magical nature of the universe can be experienced in every day life.

You can reach Alexandra via her facebook page here:

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