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The Art of Tarot Divination

Photo of the Golden Thread Tarot deck

image of The Golden Thread Tarot

Tarot card reading is a rather ancient skill that has been around for centuries. Many of us in this day and age are turning to this form of divination to better understand the world around us. There are so many card readers offering their services – but how can you get the best out of your reading? While it is important for a reader to have a universal knowledge of their card deck and layouts, what is even more important is the ability to intuitively connect to the cards – and client. If you are a card reader yourself, make sure that you are finding this connection so you can feel the most comfortable when you are giving your readings. Everyone has their own style of readings and their own branding – this is what makes each reader so special.

There are many ways to interpret one card or layout of cards by the book. However, if there is no connection that has been formed between yourself and the client, there is no substance between elaborations of what type of feedback you can give. As a light worker, a reader, a life coach, it is important to be able to have a clear vision for the person that you are assisting. You are there to be their light when they are feeling like they are in the dark. As a reader, it is you, who confirms and dismisses their hunches. However, encouragement to dig deep within them self for the answers to their own questions is equally important. Our ancient wisdom is accessible at any time, most of the time our clients just need the guidance and tools to get there, and we need to be willing to provide them with that.

Exercising your intuition!

The beauty of intuition is that we are all programmed to have this beautiful tool that is our inner compass. Some of us just need to spend a little bit more time to develop it, or set that intention to do so. In this fast paced world, it can be easy to get caught up in the swirl of working life, home life, and whatever other activities you have happening, that you don’t always set the intention on developing your inner voice, and intuition. This is OK! We have all been there at some point or another in our lives and we are able to recognize this.

Pay attention to how you physically feel in any given situation.

The best piece of advice I can give you for personal development of your intuition is to pay attention to how you physically feel in any given situation. Do you make yourself do things despite it feeling good or right for you? Or do you move toward what gives you goose bumps, fills you with wonder, excites you, and helps you gain knowledge that maybe you had never had before? What sets us up for the perfect amount of alignment in our lives is when we do the things that move us, that make us feel good about ourselves, radiate positivity and access the truest part of ourselves at our core level. Doing things like that automatically raises our vibration and keeps the flow of things that we want streaming toward us. Another wonderful way to gain clear messages from your intuition is through meditation. Meditation will help you access all your inner-self or ancient self’s messages. If you aren’t able to gain anything from meditation at first, be sure to dedicate some time to it every day. Do not feel frustrated if nothing happens for you right away - this all takes time. You will be able to distinguish your ancient self’s messages apart from your logical self, because logical self is so rigid, and overly grounded. The ancient self feels natural; it radiates good feelings, feels light and not heavy.

Once you have gained access to your ancient self’s messages, you can then use that toward your intuitive readings, tarot card readings and life coaching. It is so important to be able to tap into this to give and gain the most out of the experience with those who come to seek advice or guidance. Even your clients will notice that it is coming from an authentic level when you are putting in so much effort to connect with them. This is such an important aspect of creating a client and light worker bond and also being able to get them to reach within themselves, for the answers, too.


Hilary is a Tarot and Oracle card reader and more info on her can be found at

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