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Taurus Full Moon

The Earth Mother's Moon // November 14th - 6:17am PS

The Earth Mother giveth and the Earth Mother taketh.

In the morning dawn on Monday our Moon mother will be at her fullest and brightest. You'll want to leave your cozy homes Sunday night however to see what some are calling the Super-Duper Moon as it will be the closest to Earth it has been since 1948.

Astrologically this Full Moon signifies a butt load of releasing and grounding that is needed from the past week's collective mayhem. At this point in the week you may be wondering what the hell happened to your sanity, words were being splayed left and right, family members and friends were at each other throats. Now is the time to release and reground to examine what feelings are ours and which feelings are the result of a psychic minefield you had been tip toeing around in. The Full Moon Earth Mama heals all wounds; she is the strong stable grandmother who forces our families together amidst all the chaos and fighting. She expresses tough love yet supreme nurturing and knows when the right time is to speak and when to let bygones be bygones.

Our Father Sun is in Scorpio, that feisty, brooding one who won't forget a thing. Remember this if you remember anything, what you say and do during the time of Scorpio will be remembered for longer than you'd like. The Sun is expressing pent up frustrations at this time and Mercury is right along side of him giving him a podium on which to preach. The Sun recently conjunct the Dark Moon Lilith who is as badass as she sounds, she's the point between the Moon and the Earth, a great void of feminine fierceness. When the Sun met up with her on November 11th you may have felt the explosion of sexism, and misogyny in the ether. That is because you were tapping into the collective Sophia energy. In the Jewish myth, Lilith was considered the original woman. Born before Eve, Lilith was cast out of Eden because of her promiscuity. Now she's considered a demon, go figure a woman who chooses to express her sexuality in her own terms gets the boot. When the Sun and the Dark Moon Lilith met up, all of the issues of female power surfaced and women across the country were mourning this energy together.

With all of the chaotic energy happening around us due to the quickly shifting emotional tides, the Taurus Moon will be a huge relief for us. We will be able to take a look back at what had been said and really dissect the political ramifications in a logical way. Earth signs are methodical and logical in their processing of information and we will be feeling that during the moons cycle through Taurus. Now is the time to observe our emotions from a more linear platform. Pluto is making a harmonious aspect to the moon allowing us clarity and insight into the motives of our political and authoritative figures.

Focus on what is mine and what is yours may be high at the moment. Scorpio and Taurus illuminate for us the human archetype of money, possessions and personal security. Feeling the need for financial stability is always high on our agendas but during this time of release lets let that go for a couple of days and bask in the luxuries we are so lucky to have. Taurus doesn’t like to make any moves unless she knows her physical well-being is taken care of. To that point, self care remedies and baths, loooonngg luxurious baths are highly recommended. Indulge in what you already posses and forget about the things you don’t have. Taurus/Scorpio can sometimes get so wrapped up in the need for security that they result to hoarding and envy. Because of this acknowledge that you may be feeling issues of security but like the Buddha, let it go.

Full Moon and Beyond

The day after the Full Moon, November 15th the Moon will be traveling through Gemini for two and a half days. She will be getting sticky with Saturn, Mars, Uranus and Lilith. For those of you studying Astrology all of these words should be waving red flags. Though Uranus the planet of innovation is making an agreeable aspect to the moon she will already be in a shaky and distracted sign, Gemini. Be careful that all of your hard work earned during the Full Moon is not derailed by the discombobulating emotions that arise. My guess is that if you do your Full Moon grounding you will be more than prepared for the hectic energy to come and you will notice yourself resonating with the Taurus steadiness.

​​Speak your truth

Taurus governs the throat chakra and those with a heavy Taurus will tell you that whenever there energy wanes, the throat gets hit first. The Throat Chakra is where the energy from our bodies gets channeled for vocal expression. If one holds their tongue for fear of ridicule or judgment the throat chakra may incur blockages. Also, the throat chakra may close due to over activity and not enough rest. The throat is a powerful tool that allows the air to flow and the words to manifest. During your moon meditations this Sunday/Monday draw in energy from the color blue and envision a healing orb of blue light surrounding your throat. Additionally, check out the Videos section on Astrom Council for some meditation inspiration and music to zone out to


Full Moon Mantras

I speak my truth

I am strong in my convictions

I release from within me the need to control others

The Universe will always provide what I need

I am well taken care of

I am safe


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