• Evelyn Von Zuel

Mercury Rx Through the Signs December 19th 2016

Photo By Evelyn Von Zuel

Mercury Rx in Capricorn 15° // December 19th at 2:50pm PST

It's that time of year again when Mercury makes it's backwards motion in the sky to cause transportation delays and unexpected iphone mishaps. So we all know what retrograde is by now, it's when a planet (mercury, uranus, pluto, venus, neptune, saturn or mars) seems to make a backwards line in the sky as our earth passes by it. It's much like when you are driving on the highway and pass by another car, from your perspective the other car seems to be moving backwards although both cars are moving in the same direction. Astrologically we interpret these moments to be times of introspection which can lead to upsets in our physical world if we are not going with the flow of the energies.

This Mercury Retrograde will be in Capricorn and touching butts with Pluto. This is a very intense kiss-and-go contact between mercury and Pluto. Mercury will be just one degree away from Pluto before making it's retro motion on December 19th 2:50pm (PST). To get a clear picture of how the Mercury Rx will effect you it's important to know where it will be in your chart. If Mercury happens to fall in your 6th house (Leo rising folks), you may receive unexpected aid from a loved one and possibly uncover some information about your health or of your boss which in turn effects your daily work. For those with Cancer Rising your relationships may have been going through an upheaval and the words you choose to speak to others may be coming out more harsh then usual. Taking a step back and doing some reflective work via journaling can be a great way to let out all of those emotions and thoughts in a productive way before you approach someone with information you feel they need to hear. To find where the sign Capricorn is in your chart you can look it up HERE Once you have found which house is ruled by Capricorn and you identify where the 15° is in your chart, you will be able to identify the areas of your life that Mercury Rx will be highlighting.

Mercury Rx through the houses

First House // Capricorn Rising

All eyes are on you and it feels like everyone knows your secrets. With Mercury Rx in your first house communication blunders are not even an understatement. The things you are saying and words you are using are under great scrutiny. This Mercury is making a hard aspect to jupiter which is right at your MC making this a massive time for you to be in the public eye and making really important contacts. Being direct and honest is one thing but when it comes at the expense of someone else's feelings is it benefiting you or holding you back? Re-evaluating your communication style during this time can be beneficial in the long run.

Second House // Sagittarius Rising

Having philosophical conversations about your religious and political views is not an uncommon occurrence but during this time you may be reconsidering those values you used to uphold. Discourse with friends and colleagues about these topics is becoming more of a challenge and one I'm sure you're ready to take on. Learning how to overcome this hump and find common ground is on your agenda. Remember coming from a place of love is the only way out.

Third House // Scorpio Rising

Communication, Communication, Communication! You are naturally capable of maintaining composure during stressful situations and holding your own in a conversation but when someone challenges you all chains are cut loose. Careful that you are not stinging those you love with the Scorpion's tale. Mercury Rx will be heavily affecting your transportation during this time as well, double check your travel times, that your vehicle is up to date and there is no outstanding work that needs to be done on it. It's possible that at this time you may have to back out of promises that you've made to friends and colleagues due to an overly optimistic approach to your social calendar.

Fourth House // Libra Rising

This Mercury Retrograde will be highlighting your home and family life. This is a good time to re-evaluate how you communicate with family, maybe there's something you need to get off your chest. If you are about to sign a lease make sure you read the fine print and document every part of the transaction, double check the property and make sure all information is out in the open. You may also be getting intuitive messages from your friends that will help to unlock the key to a deeply rooted belief that you have picked up from your family lineage.

Fifth House / / Virgo Rising

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo so typically Mercury Rx would effect you wildly but since it's in your 5th house of fun, pleasure and artistic expression it may not put too huge a damper on your experiences. The 5th house is where our children live so transporting them around may be super chore, forg