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Venus Enters Pisces

Venus entered Pisces on || January 2nd at 11:57pm PST

Venus, the Goddess of love, beauty, romance, relationships, war, luxury, food, the feminine qualities of humanity, receiving, art, music, justice, contracts and legal matters – to name a few is such a queen! Ruler of Taurus and Libra she adorns them with the ability to navigate the rough waters of relationships and socializing. She’s a hot babe and she looks good, I mean she is what they painted over and over again during the renaissance and what architects, poets, artists and musicians aim to achieve, the perfection of beauty that Venus imbues. You can always tell when you are in the presence of a Venusian because they drip with elegance and social refinement; you just can’t help but stare.

One word: Beyonce.

Beyonce was born with her rising sign in Libra making her chart ruler Venus. Not only that but Venus is exactly conjunct her Ascendant making her extremely Venusian. Anyone born with Libra or Taurus rising (ascendant sign) is very connected with this Venusian energy. Today we are talking about Venus entering Pisces though and with that there are some different aspects that Venus shows when in different signs. I just wanted to get the point across of how it feels to be in the presence of a very Venusian persona.

A little bit on Pisces

I love my Pisces Pals. To anyone who has their Moon or Sun in Pisces, I see you, I get you. The watery sign of all things go, Pisces is that one friend who will never be able to make plans with you two weeks in advanced because they won’t know how they are going to feel until day of. I love you. So in the moment and fluid is the energy of Pisces that it drives everyone else around them bonkers. But hey, you are doing what is right and natural for you. Intertwining fish is the symbol for this sign, so logically we can conclude that it is associated with all things water. Water is reflective and mirrors back to us what we express to it. Pisces is similar in that it sometimes goes through an identity crises being pushed and pulled with the waves. It’s a very malleable and moldable sign and is quite skilled at deflecting confrontation. The sign Pisces is the last/beginning of the Zodiac. In the human gestation period it represents our time in the womb, our incubation period before we bust out as little crying babies waling for attention at which point we enter our Aries phase of life. Pisces is also the sign of illusion, fantasy and music to the highest degree. Pisces in your chart represents where you go to escape it all when you need a break from reality. It is also the most connected to spirit of the signs.

So what does it all mean??!

When Venus, the goddess of love and all things stated above enters the fluid emotional and reflective sign of Pisces, a grand love for all in the name of God or some kind of higher power takes charge. Venus is exalted in Pisces, which means she can express herself fully in this sign. Jesus is the perfect example of the most pure form of Venus in Pisces. It’s an energy that would much rather sacrifice itself for the greater good of humanity and preaches the teaching to Love All. Pisces is a healer and Love heals all so all spiritual workers it’s time to jump-start your practices and start tapping into the collective light that all light workers have been maintaining for us. This position of Venus would ideally be the most peaceful and understanding of them all but there of course are the opposite effects since we can’t get away from the fact that we live in a dualistic reality. (For those who don’t I commend you.)

The underbelly of Venus in Pisces

Being the Scorpio rising that I am, I of course can’t get away without talking about the potential dark sides to this planetary position. Venus, among all beautiful and artistic things is also a goddess of war and can pose some ailment when in Pisces. As seen in the chart above, Venus entered Pisces on January 2nd making an exact sextile to the Mercury Rx at 0° in Capricorn. This lays heavy on communication between partners. When Mercury Rx we do become more heady, our thoughts and logic may not flow in a direct manner and the pathway of the sextile is allowing for this energy to enter into our relationships with loved ones. Maybe we aren’t being so clear about what we are trying to say or get across. There is a semi-square between Pluto and Venus, which manifests as very deep need to sacrifice oneself for the sake of love or the “I would die for you” mentality, “I am controlling you because I love you.” Or “we hurt the ones we love the most” is another saying from this aspect. Pluto is no joke. If you are experiencing these kinds of sayings or expressions either from within or an outside source, it is time to heal those you love and connect with self love.

Besides all the heavy underbelly stuff that won’t be too common an occurrence, Venus in Pisces is a beautiful time to make music, share your love with others and receive love. Heal any wounds you have towards loving yourself and stay fluid.

One way to heal is to sing!

Sing your truths, sing in the shower, sing in the car! Singing is one of the best ways to connect to spirit. Do chants during your meditation rituals this month, experiment with various forms of sound healing. Get a sound healing done on yourself especially if you have never experienced one before! Check out the videos section on my site, I’ve linked some of my favorite meditation music and Tibetan bowl vids there.

Venus leaves Pisces on February 3rd to enter Aquarius. I’ll be writing a post on the Aquarian age soon as it’s a big turning point for our society that I feel we don’t really have a strong grasp on yet. There should be more serious conversations happening about this new age, how we are to navigate it and what it will mean for us spiritually.

Thanks so much for reading. You can sign up for email notifications where I sometimes offer discounts on readings and custom astrology charts J along with updates on events and happenings in LA that I’m apart of. If there is anything in particular that you’d like to see me write about please send me a line: as well as any other article submissions you have that have to do with Astrology, spirituality and the esoteric.

- Evelyn Von Zuel

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