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Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer 22° || January 12th at 3:34am PST

Holy water works, how emotional is this moon going to be?? - Pretty darn emotional. If you have an intimate connection to the moon you probably already felt it the day before the Full Moon, which was Wednesday the 11th with waves of emotions catching you off guard and possibly falling into the sinking emotional pit of despair and sadness for humanity. Luckily, if you felt those things you are not a sociopath and if you didn’t feel those things you still may not be a sociopath but are deeply suppressing the urges of your emotional nature in order to put practicality to good use because everyone around you was drowning in tears, here’s why…

This Full Moon is in the watery, emotional sign of Cancer which doesn’t hold back unless threatened in which case it will retreat inward and focus all of the emotional turmoil inside. Cancer is surprisingly a ‘masculine’ sign. This just points to the nature of its energy, which is to push energy outside of itself – very masculine. What this means that Cancer, unlike Scorpio is more expressive with its internal world. The Moon is making a square to Jupiter, which expands on whatever emotional state is being expressed, it may come out in bursts towards others in a need to escape and grow. The Moon is also making another square to Uranus, which is the planet of unpredictability, originality and sparks of divine medicine. Unfortunately though, with the aspect to the moon being one of action this can come out as unpredictable expressions of insecurity and neediness. It gets better though just wait.

Saturn… Dun dun dun. Is inconjunct to the moon. The sign it is in explains how the moon will be expressing these emotions. Saturn is the planet of restriction and time. It may be, that emotions that have been stirring for weeks, months and even years are making their way to the fore. Saturn in this kind of aspect to the moon gives it more structure and sturdiness so I don’t take this to be a completely difficult aspect but one that gives the moon some boundaries in which to express itself however harsh it may be. Saturn in Sagittarius is the need to find authority in one’s own governance and to become your own authority in the publication of information. With all of the friction on our emotional state during this Full Moon I wouldn’t be surprised to see very erratic publications that stray away from the traditional dialogue we’ve grown accustom to. Be prepared for self-aggrandizing messages of a political nature.

Mars is doing a lot of work to push forward the agenda of spirit. It is in Pisces and has recently left its kiss with Neptune. It’s pairing up with Uranus to bring us messages that create beautiful prose in literature that are very politically driven with a focal point to the orthodox traditions.


In terms of ceremony and ritual I feel this Moon would be a great time to spend with people who you can trust to have a discourse with without getting upset. This is a wonderful time to practice patience and expressing your emotions in an authoritative way that is coherent, structured and not condescending as it will be very easy to lose sight of your security systems due to off handed comments flying through the ether. And as always, remember that everyone is going through this shift together.

The Numbers

I like to occasionally look at the numerology of the planet’s degrees and this one stands out to me. The Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun will all be at 22°, a master number. According to the master number 22 “is the most powerful of all numbers.” And that “It is often called the Master Builder. The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality.” This rings true to the nature of all of these aspects that are being created. In old timey Astrology all of the red lines (squares) were considered bad omens and evil. Now that we are evolving our understanding of what “bad” is we realize that all of the squares and red lines offer us a chance to face what needs to be changed within our lives; things that may have been sitting waiting that we have been pushing deeper and deeper into our subconscious. This energy is ripe with the opportunities to take control of our emotions and change what does not serve us about them anymore.


Full Moon Mantras

May I have the patience to freely express my opinions in a way that allows for total understanding.

I am the master builder of my own reality

I accept these feelings and honor them

I thank the water that moves through all of humanity

I am secure

I am safe


Much Love,


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