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New Moon Solar Eclipse

New Moon - Solar Eclipse in Pisces 8° 12’ || February 26th, 2017

“A Jockey Spurs His Horse, Intent On Outdistancing His Rivals”

The New Moon is when the Sun and Moon are lined up one right in front of the other, which causes the Moon to look absent in the sky. Astrologically it is when they are conjunct, meaning they are at the same degree in the same sign. When the Moon is in its shadow phase it is a time of renewal and internal retreat as it marks the beginning of its cycle around our mother Earth. New moons are likened to the childhood version of the zodiac signs, bright, fresh and sometimes naive. Pisces as a child is open and receptive, very trusting and lost in fantastic imagination. They are so connected to the spiritual and dream world that it’s difficult to bring the Pisces child back down to earth. Afraid of harsh criticism, they feel secure and safe in the inner landscapes of their imagination where they can freely conjure mystical creatures and entities who will be their forever friend. Lines with Pisces are heavily blurred and boundaries don’t mean much. Pisces is a water sign that flows freely with no earth surrounding it imagine the vastness of the ocean’s spread on our planet Earth that is the country of a Pisces. There is no container besides the existence of itself. Pisces, like a fish is reflective and utilizes light from the Sun’s rays as a source of energy not only for itself but to reflect out onto others as well. Because of this reflective quality, ability to absorb and blurring of boundary lines, Pisces goes through a bit of an identity crises at times. The symbol for Pisces is the two fish swirling around each other, this represents very well the dilemma of the fish; knowing where it begins and ends.

Not only is the Sun and Moon in Pisces during this time; the South Node of the moon, Mercury, Neptune, Pallas Athena and Chiron are all packed into the sign of Pisces! It’s a full house, also known as a stellium, which pushes all of the attention during this time to the spiritual dream world of illusion, imagination and unity with source. All of these planetary bodies all jumbled in a dust storm of cosmic gnosis have a feminine tinge to them. On a large scale the energies are ripe for washing away old spiritual patriarchal patterns in current orthodox religious systems. The gates of communication are open to our ancestors with the South Node of the Moon being the karmic portal to the past and Mercury allowing for information to flow through. Please, use this time to dive deep within and reach out to ancestors of distant past, this is the time. Neptune is our modern ruler of Pisces and is the transpersonal planet that connects us with the divine oneness of all beings he’s been in Pisces since 2012, I ask, have you not been feeling the connection to the collective subconscious strengthening?

The Eclipse

Eclipses are major amplifiers of what normally would happen during a basic new/full moon and they typically bring about big changes in our personal lives. The accumulative energy of an eclipse is similar to that of a growing wave. When the water starts to move and gain speed it rises and peaks, the peak is the eclipse and immediately after is the crash down where all of the energy is felt and then the next few months before the next eclipse is the slow build of the wave again. The Pisces/Virgo duality has been a running eclipse theme since 2015 and this new moon solar eclipse is the last one for the Pisces/Virgo collection. Because of the ending of the Pisces/Virgo eclipse cycle as well as the other planetary aspects, this new moon is sure to bring about major changes for people in their daily lives and well being, typically for the better but not without some hefty realizations.

This eclipse brings along with it a couple of major planetary aspects that are going to be felt quite heavily within the norther hemisphere. The Eclipse path spans across the whole of the Unites States starting from Washington State to Georgia (see map), a visible Eclipse like this is rare and only happens for a region about every 365 years! It’s no surprise that the US will be in the spotlight considering the current political and social tensions that have been bubbling to the surface since the 2016 presidential election.

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Mars and Uranus make an exact conjunction in Aries the day before the eclipse and opposes Jupiter in Libra which happened to be the other Eclipse theme that ended last year (Aries/Libra duality of you vs. me). Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and represents the archetype of masculinity, force, sexual drive, war, action and fighting power. Uranus, the planet of unpredictability and severe ingenuity is situated in Aries, which brings about a need to express individual freedoms and to break away from a rigid mold in order to stand alone as an individual. Mars and Uranus together create unpredictable fiery force that wants to be utilized as a means to create political and social change. Uranus also represents the collective masses, humanitarianism and social justice. Jupiter in Libra is a self righteous position; Jupiter aka Zeus is the planet of expansion, abundance, political correctness (whatever that is anymore) and religious orthodox religions. There is potential for civil unrest with transits like these especially with how exact the degrees are to one another.

On a personal level this is going to inspire us to take a political stance and fight for our individual freedoms. Uranus in Aries wants independence as well as Mars and they aren’t necessarily team players either. The balancing of justice and individual people’s power is going to be big theme. When one person (eh-hem, Trump) just has too much power (Mars, Uranus Aries) the judicial system (Jupiter in Libra) must step in to balance the inequalities between the masses. The exact conjunction of Uranus and Mars with the opposition of Jupiter happens on Feb 25th so expect to see tensions in the White house and within the US rise towards the culmination of these aspects.

Pluto has been in Capricorn, shaking up the establishment and status quo since 2008. The goddess of the underworld is an uprooting planet that brings to the surface that which has been left down in Hades for years and years by way of a massive unearthing. She is opposing Vesta, the asteroid goddess of virginal purity and piousness. This is directly related to women’s fight for sexual freedom from authoritarian and political powers. Women gaining the right to their own reproductive and sexual organs (Kundalini power source) will be the catalyst for this powerful transit which culminates around March 11th.

The masculine energies are really having at it during this time while the feminine are doing a lot of work to cleanse, release and wash away much of the old systems.

How to utilize this time to bring about your fullest potential:

Try to stay fluid but also remember that you are picking up on the collective energy and work on creating boundaries between you and the etheric field. If you are a light worker and creating boundaries is not always possible due to the nature of your work, keep a note on you that reminds you of key strong characteristics that you have within you like a constant. A constant is a token, a thought or a visualization that helps to remind yourself of when you are in need of grounding or coming back to the present. Simply writing a positive word you associate yourself with on your hand can work, something that will always be constant throughout your lifetime. Set a reminder on your phone to go off at the same time each day that says something along the lines of “remember to ground yourself” or asks you to double check your emotional state. Remember that Pisces is reflective and there are instances of identity issues, where one ends and one begins.

On the individual level Eclipses bring about exciting new changes that if not felt directly will be felt to the day, a couple of months after. This is all dependent on where 8° Pisces falls in your birth chart, which is where the New Moon Solar Eclipse is due to happen. If 8° Pisces falls in your first, 4th, 7th or 10th house then you will most definitely feel this eclipse as well as if you have your Sun or Moon sign in Pisces. If you are a Sun in Virgo you may feel as though everyone else around you is going through something extreme that you can’t quite put your finger on and being of service is the best way to unlock hidden potential.


New Moon Mantras

I am not a victim

I draw a line around me to show where my boundaries lie

My imagination is my tool and I use it to heal

I dissolve all false memories of my being

I ground myself

I have a love that pours from within that cannot be contained


Evelyn Von Zuel

Sub title quote: Sabien Symbols

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