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Current Affairs: The Galactic Center

With the coming news release by NASA of their “discovery beyond our solar system” on the 22nd, the culmination of the Eclipse on the 26th and Saturn’s entrance into the Galactic Center March 6th, I figure this would be a good time to introduce the Galactic Center and what it represents for the Astrological community. A lot of what I’ve learned about the Galactic Center comes from Cisco Huijbregts during his lectures at the Caroll Righters Astrology Meet ups in Hollywood (7pm every Tuesday) so I want to thank Cisco for all of his knowledge and information that he selflessly teaches every Tuesday nights.

The Galactic Center or GC for short is the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. The exact point currently sits at 27° sagittarius 04’ and spans about two degrees because of how large it is. It is located in the constellation Sagittarius, Ophiuchus and Scorpius. Scientists believe that at the center of the Universe is a black hole where the big bang happened. Which I believe at this point is common knowledge The Mayans and other indigenous cultures on the other hand have already known about this placement in the sky, possibly due to their heightened psychic connection to the cosmos. The symbol the Mayan’s used to describe this point was called the Hunab Ku, ‘Hunab’ means ‘one state of being’ and ‘Ku’ means ‘God’ so the direct translation would be One State of Being God.

The GC in Astrology is a point in our charts where we have the most heightened ability for intergalactic and trans-human communication with the outer worlds. Whenever a planet crosses over the GC, as Saturn is doing now there are major shifts in consciousness, publication of major scientific findings that concern our universe and heightened psychic messages from other entities that currently exist out there in the galaxy. Yes, this is some alien X-files shit but without scary shape shifting metallic super soldiers or interstellar microbes that evolve into leaches that crawl through the plumbing and eat you out through your rectum (I didn’t use the bathroom for a week after that episode). This is a more higher minded and adult version of the X-files type communication with ET.

Saturn has been passing over the GC since about the 18th of February this year (2017). What does this mean??? I can’t be 100% sure but I can make some educated guesses based on what I know Saturn represents as well as the GC. Saturn is a very heavy and dense planet that Astrologically represents the slowing down of something, it is restrictive and it feels like weight. In other words it is reality, the hard cold brick wall of reality and the hard work that comes with it. Saturn is the grumpy old man that likes things a certain way that is on par with tradition, he respects authority, hard work and rewards those who do as much. Without Saturn in our lives we wouldn’t have that gut feeling that we’re not doing what we’re supposed to be doing or that sense of responsibility to achieve our goals. With Saturn passing over the GC there will be a door open for those who channel, lucid dream and walk between realms (shamans) and start to build our future evolution. Translated for Mundane Astrology, we may find that we are now able to start literally building with brick and mortar, the basic structures of human life on other planets. In all honesty I hope to god we don’t because it would be impractical and lazy for humans to even think of colonizing other planets while ours dying and not every human is able to eat dinner. But science is gold these days.

Saturn also represents science and the method for finding information, Sagittarius happens to represent publications, philosophy and advertising. How reasonable is it that there would be a major publication coming from our most respected (wether you agree or not) source for space research, NASA.

Fun Fact

Our solar system is currently the farthest away from the GC than it will ever be in our orbit. We are essentially in a dark age of consciousness, which is great news because that means there is only one way and that is up!

As more and more people start to tap into the power source of the Galactic Center we will be exposed to more alien information that will in turn aid in the evolution of our consciousness as a whole! I hope that in posting this article those of you who are skilled channelers, healers and shamans will meditate on this part of our universe and derive from it the psychic and intuitive healing powers that is needed for us now. If it truly is the home of the big bang then it is where we came from, it is our source of life and energy. The Galactic Center activates the Kundalini energy in all human beings which is directly connected to the divine feminine energy that is currently on the rise.

If you know where the Galactic Center is in your chart here is an excerpt taken from that lists how it manifests for each house. I agree with this list up until the 12th house, I believe there is more to unlock when the galactic center is situated there. Take a look at the list and comment below, I’d love to hear what your experiences have been with the GC

- Evelyn Von Zuel


The Galactic Center Though the Houses

The Galactic Center in your 1st House

You personify the energy of Ascension and connect intuitively with the New Paradigm

Carry deep knowledge that you are here to do something of importance

Feel “ahead of your time” in your thinking, ideas, and concept of TRUTH

Boldly step into patterns of light; embodies Unity-Oneness

The Galactic Center in your 2nd House

You resonate with ideas of an alternate economy

Sees income vs. job done as skewed, (ie “why do we pay our sports heros so much and our teachers so little?”

Have a sense that the value of “things” isn’t as important as the deeper values of relationship, oneness, inter-connectedness, love, peace

The Galactic Center in your 3rd House

You resonate with cutting edge technologies

Practice “Out-of-the-Box” thinking; for example “Quantum thinking”

Cosmic ideas that need to be shared to jump-start the creative process – think Sci-Fi

Must communicate, Writing, TV, Radio, Internet, Teaching, Speaker, Lecturer, Music

The Galactic Center in your 4th House

Builder’s of the foundation of a new paradigm

Connect past-future with new ways of being

Sees Earth as Mother and lives that ideal

Matriarchal instead of patriarchal

Honors old & young as valued world citizens

Energetically resonates with the Divine Mother

The Galactic Center in your 5th House

Involved with helping our children who already embody a new paradigm in getting heard

Creatively expresses their Will in ways that empower benevolence instead of greed

Embodies the spirit of play and having fun; being passionate guilt-free

Emboldened to take risk that are divinely guided

The Galactic Center in your 6th House

Divine healers; intuitively guided to work wholistically with people instead of just treating symptoms

Creators of new systems of living organically in balance with Gaia

Servers of the new paradigm – using intuitive guidance to know their roles in bringing in the light

The Galactic Center in your 7th House

Ways of resolving conflicts peacefully in a spirit of cooperation, trust and unity

All relationships based on honest sharing and communication

Helps others see their relationships in the light

Seeks balance and harmony

Enacts win-win solutions to problems

The Galactic Center in your 8th House

Powerful transformers – wherever they go, systems, people, old or unsustainable ideas or ways of being come under pressure to change or crumble in favor of a new, profound Truth based on love, light

See death as multi-dimensional and as a rite of passage

Death is seen as a conscious choice

Not afraid to expose untruths to the Light

Sex is seen as a powerful union of two souls, not a power struggle

The Galactic Center in your 9th House

tuned in to Spirit/Source/God and acts as a clear receiver of divine information and impulses

Citizen of the World, Cosmos, of Earth – not just one country

Thinks globally/ universally

Will be the first ones to interpret off-world communications

Tuned in and tapped into Quantum energy field

The Galactic Center in your 10th House

Stand in your own unique authority and work to help others connect to theirs

Sacred Father energy coming into balance with Sacred Mother energy

Sees time as part of a natural cycle – not just linearly

Career/Profession choice based on what is TRUE for them, free of societal, cultural or familial constraints

The Galactic Center in your 11th House

Genius put to use in humanitarian goals

Works with groups in a cooperative

Ideas of “community” appeal to you

Has a Vision and connects to it as a way to further humanity

Surprising and at times genius ideas about how to do things

The Galactic Center in your 12th House

No limits! Recognizes and works with their divine self

Helps others to connect to their divine selves

“Out of the Darkness and Into the Light”

Uses meditation and other quiet retreats to connect to their divine being

Ego dissolving


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