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Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn

The Elder Moon Mama

July 8th, 2017 at 9:06 pm PST

Capricorn energetically is feminine because of her elemental connection to the Earth. This knowledge gets left out a lot due to Capricorn’s connection with hard work, no play and career building only because historically these were all associated with male activities. As we evolve into the new paradigm our understanding of sex, gender and what the masculine/feminine spirit really means to us will coordinate with the zodiac. Capricorn in essence is an external feminine spirit and she is a wise one at that. She is the unmoving mountains that have witnessed earths shifts throughout the millennia. She is the wise elder who speaks when she is confident in her knowledge. When she speaks people listen. There are piles of jewels and gems within the crevasses of her womb.

Because of the amount of work that she does in the 3rd dimensional earth realm, it is often times difficult for her to express how she is feeling on a personal level. The sea-goat is stern, respected and refined. Her image means everything to her and her perception to the masses means everything to her.

The Full Moon in Capricorn is apart of the cardinal cross (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). These 4 signs represent the turning of the seasons which is why when the Sun or moon enter them, a big shift tends to follow. As the seasons change so do our inner dialogue with the outside world. When the Sun entered Cancer we initiated the beginning of summer and rejoiced the longest day of the year to celebrate the height of the Sun’s reign (Summer Solstice on June 20th). Now we acknowledge the Moon’s progression and yes this will be a big emotional transformation for us all. There are a few themes that are tide with this moon one from a macro-perspective and another from a micro-perspective.

From the micro-perspective this Full Moon in Capricorn will usher in a noticeable shift in our perceptions of ourselves and how we relate to our outside world. We may be faced with some severe lessons as the world reflects back to us our inner struggles. The moon makes a direct connection with Pluto, this planet aids in unearthing deeply repressed emotions and psychological wounding. The Full Moon culminates at 9:06pm, the Pluto conjunction hits a couple hours after at 11:04pm which is when we will noticeably feel the deep repressed emotions of our being.

For my Watery people out there: Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, this is a great moon for you to create boundaries between you and other people wether that be on a mental level or emotional. What this means is, when you are faced with decision making take note on wether you are actively pursuing someone else’s wishes, swaying your mind to accommodate them. How often has this form of relating burned you in the past? Is it possible that you had been projecting your wants and needs onto them only to find that they had an entirely different vision than your own? This goes for the emotional level as well.

The Airy people: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius may want to utilize this time to find steady footing by grounding yourself out in nature. Watch the information that you take in and watch political banter with a critical eye, even the one you associate yourself with! Could it be that the political spectrum you associate yourself with is just as divisive as the other? We are all one and every person reflects back to us versions of ourselves with either adore or hate, how can you bridge the gap between self and other?

My Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will be feeling this moon very deeply. As earth people you are no stranger to boundaries and are quite good at creating some walls around your emotions but this Full Moon is forcing you to express them in a way that may be uncomfortable for you. Remember to say it slowly with grace and empathy. You may be inclined to look at the emotional states of others in order to reflect on the ones you have within. Are you able to identify where the walls came from or what era in your life they appeared? We create most of our walls during childhood when we are being disciplined by our parents, how well have you forgiven them?

The Fire Children: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, its time to get back on the saddle and grind down on your work. Political activity will fuel your fire as well as getting back to those creative projects and work ventures that have been put to the side due to the festivities. You can feel the Sun’s heat growing in strength and it is amping you up to take charge. The Full Moon energy of Capricorn is a great time to organize, assimilate and cultivate. What do you want to contribute to your society? Have you checked out the town hall meetings lately?

On the macro-perspective side, a big thing that comes to my mind is oil drilling. Pluto unearths deep secrets, resources and knowledge and she is in the earthy Capricorn. We are becoming more and more critical about how we cultivate our land and what we consume from it. Engineering new ways to generate power through air and water rather than the Earth’s blood. But still, It’s no secret that we as a race take from earth what we will without giving back in any way. Though it seems like it’s been working for us economically, the bounty is quickly coming to an end. This is not a fear mongering tactic based on a lack mentality but sheer truth. Personally I believe that the Earth is a living organism that regenerates itself much like our bodies but even the human body won’t last long when drained of its blood which is the equivalent to oil in the earth. A great meditation for this moon would revolve around recognizing where you stand in the greater community of consumers as well as visualizing a healthy and hearty earth full of resources and minerals.

I keep getting a picture in my minds eye of a mountain with a Yoni at the base where thousands precious stones and minerals are bursting out like a river of abundance.

Opposite the Moon and Pluto is the Sun and Mars in Cancer. When Mars is in Cancer we find we become more active with domestic and family matters. We tend to go back to our roots and see what worked for us there out of a need for security and familiarity. This also has to do with our religious and political upbringing. Another valuable meditation for this moon is visualizing healing your family wounds and creating a bridge between your family and the world.

Next month the full moon will be in Aquarius. The themes that we speak of today will evolve into the Aquarian themes of taking a deeper look at how we grew up with the political and religious background that we did and learning to shed that identity in order to assimilate with the whole.

Check back next month to hear more about the Aquarian Mystic Full Moon.


Capricorn Full Moon Mantras

I am Secure

My relationship with the earth is a direct reflection of my relationship with myself

I take only what I need

I am patient

My family needs me

I am a provider



Evelyn Von Zuel

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