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New Moon in Leo New Me

This New Moon in Leo theme is CHANGE! Are you bored with the mundane, your food, clothes, hair style, social interactions? Its time to take the steps towards changing the things that are boring, cumbersome and mundane that you just don't have the energy to maintain anymore. Are your social interactions turning into a clock work chain of reactions, responding to the same boring questions day in and day out? There’s an internal need to stir things up and to create something new and powerful. Mr. Mars is making a debut with this New Moon as he is stationed right next to the Moon and Sun blending his fire energy into the mix. Mars in Leo is not afraid to take risks in order to ‘be somebody’ on this dull earth. He wants to add more pizazz and bedazzle the stage with pyro inspired creations. That’s a pretty flamboyant picture which should elicit within you a feeling of the grandeur that Mars in Leo is seeking. He just wants to express his creative self in ways that would wow a crowd. Selfishness is in fact involved but it doesn't come from a malefic place. It comes from a need to be seen and to be acknowledged by fellow peers, which is an all too human experience of wanting to be recognized for the effort and work that we put into a craft. Acknowledging all that you have accomplished thus far during this New Moon cycle rather than seeking the acknowledgment from outside of self will allow for a healing practice of self acceptance.

The other two aspects the New Moon will be making are a square with Uranus and a semi-square with Venus. The waning Uranus square is the need for change energy that we will be picking up on the next couple of days as the effects wear off and the Moon moves forward.

Uranus has been in Aries for what seems like forever (March of 2011) stirring up our sense of self and identity as a group. It is safe to say that ever since Uranus moved into Aries we have been slowly shifting what identity means to the individual. We are now evolving into non binary forms of expression and really pushing the limits of what a human can identify as. One example of this being our second wave of sexual revolution. States in America are starting to recognize the third non binary gender and allowing individuals to legally state their sexual identity as “X” on drivers licenses and identification cards. This is no doubt a reflection of the energies of Uranus in Aries. Aries being the self, identity and the one individual separate from the whole and Uranus being the game changer, shifter and radicalizer. So the Uranus in Aries is waning in a frustrating position with the New Moon creating that need to shift and discharge parts of our identity that no longer serve us. Are you tired of the pigeonhole identity society has given you based off of your hair color, skin color and gender? Now is the time to make room to consciously shift this for your life.

The second main aspect to the Sun Moon Leo is a semi-square with Venus which goes along the same lines of what had been mentioned above but will add a little more of a vanity element to it. The first parts of ourselves that we can change and have control over are the physical traits. Shifting the way we relate to others by tweaking the way we speak is a great first step. What words do you use often that can just go? What is the tone of your voice what is the mood? Venus in Gemini is all about love languages and how we communicate our creative selves to others.

During this New Moon I would like to suggest a ritual.

Let’s all write down 3 words we use often that no longer serves us in the hopes to becoming more self aware and in control of our creative expression.

After you have chosen your 3 words go to your handy thesaurus and find some other alternative words that could be used to replace those boring and outdated 3. Write those down on a separate piece of paper.

On your altar, put the piece of paper with the old 3 words on the right side signifying what you are wanting to let go. And on the left side of your altar put the piece of paper with the new 3 words down to signify what you are wanting to appropriate into your being.

I don't know what my 3 words will be yet but I definitely will be adding “like” and “cool” to my discard pile.

If there is something else you are bored of like mannerisms, phrases you use or even clothes; let’s investigate how to recycle these parts of ourselves to create something new that does represent who we are as unique shining stars! I would love to hear how you intend to spend your New Moon this weekend please share your stories below!


New Moon Mantras

I relinquish old patterns of being that no longer serve me

My creative expression does no define me, I define it

I am beautiful

I speak with intent

I am in control of my public persona


Evelyn Von Zuel



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