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The Morning Star Rx

March 4th 1:07 pm, 2017 – April 15 3:18pm, 2017 PST

Venus, oh lovely Venus, this goddess of love, relationships and many other archetypes of human nature has historically been the universal representation of the divine feminine spirit. The statues of ancient Rome depicts Venus as being a full-bodied, naked ivory lust bomb; a visual we (women) have tried to embody as being the quintessential female. But as times change and cultures erode, this depiction may not serve us as the one and only form of feminism. In western/Ptolemaic Astrology there have been only two main luminaries in the sky that represent women: Venus, the lover, and the Moon as the mother. Meanwhile, Saturn, Mars, the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto, and Neptune are all male archetypes. That leaves 2 out of 10 luminaries to depict women, which are quite contrived, clearly in a world where women are so very dynamic and varied in their ways.

We are more than just lovers and mothers. Women have been pigeonholed not only culturally but also spiritually and intellectually into two archetypes, which are a Lover (Venus) or a Mother (Moon) because those are the archetypes in relation to a man. Some women don’t even want to be a lover to someone but a lover to self and some women don’t want to be mothers either! You have to remember that most of the systems that we abide by, have been established by the patriarchal energy, which isn’t a bad thing by any means because without it, we wouldn’t be where we are as a society but when we think of the “traditional” descriptions of Roman gods and archetypes we have to remember where and when they came from. Venus is a very important part of our solar system and birth charts but I want to make one thing clear, it is not the only and main archetype for ‘Woman’. Astrologers now also use the asteroids, fixed stars, and planetoids, which are not as commonly talked about but have a more varied approach to the feminine energy and also describe more personal aspirations of the feminine spirit.

With all that said, let's dig deep into what Venus is for us now. With her being in retrograde motion it is a perfect time to reassess this fully loaded planet.

Venus has an eclipse phase with the Sun and our Earth just like the Moon and Mercury. An eclipse is when one luminary body passes and obscures the light of another. Astrologically this is called a Conjunction. At these eclipse points, Venus becomes either an evening star or a morning star, which means she is either behind or in front of the Sun. When Venus is behind the Sun or in her evening position she is called Hesperus, the Greek word for "night". When she is the morning star or precedes the Sun she is called Phosphorus or Lucifer, meaning "bearer of light" or "bringer of dawn". The Ancient Babylonians thought that these two objects were separate stars until they came to realize that they were one in the same and merged the two to create Aphrodite.

The ancient Mayans also have a two-fold story of Venus; the god Xolotl was the evening star and his brother Quetzalcoatl was the morning star. The Maya and the Aztec have a return prophesy that their god will return as Quetzalcoatl to Earth from Venus. Sounds familiar eh? My mind wants to wander to the Christian version and relate the two as Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent, and Lucifer. Hint hint, the divine feminine in the form of kundalini energy.

Back to Current Affairs

Venus is in Aries and has been retrograde for 3 weeks, her New Moon phase will start on March 25th at 4° Aries when she conjoins the Sun at 3:11 am PST. At this point, she will become the morning star / Lucifer. She can be seen in the early mornings just before the Sun starts to rise as a brilliant diamond shining brightly. Fascinatingly, if you map out Venus's orbit along with her retrograde motion around the solar system she creates a pentagram pattern every 2 days and 8 hours short of 8 years and she works off of 36-day cycles.

Venus will finish her Rx cycle in Pisces on April 15th so we have about 3 more weeks to go to journey inward with ourselves and find our inner Aphrodite as Venus enters her Luciferian stage.

When she first started her Rx motion in the sky it was an extremely nostalgic time for most everyone (unless you have Venus Rx natally in your chart) and lovers from the past seeped through the woodwork. If you dreamt of a long lost lover you weren't alone, many people were getting tangled up in the memories of past romances causing us to renegotiate with ourselves what it means to love and receive it. We were being beckoned to recognize in ourselves what our love styles are. Now that Venus Rx is smack dab in the middle of her cycle and about to shift into the morning star, what are you doing to proactively see within yourselves the nature of love? Are you using the loving force (Venus as war) to fight for your beliefs (Aries)? How are you using this time to learn about yourselves on a deeply spiritual and intimate level?

With her station being in Aries this gives a spark under our asses to be more assertive in what our needs are and to take action. So with her motion moving backward in our sky lets see how she will persuade us to rethink what being feminine means and how each of us can successfully and thoroughly integrate her morning star phase into our lives.

The following horoscopes are being considered for the March 25th planetary transits.

Horoscope for Venus Rx march 25th


For you Aries babies, Venus is retrograde in your solar first house, which puts all of the attention on how you are focusing love inward towards self. There's a passion within you that is just bubbling below the horizon. Are you feeling sexually frustrated? Becoming more physically active to release the tension? There is a reservoir of kinetic energy within you that can be accessed by using your intellect. Receiving love from others is already an iffy task but now the act of receiving love is really being highlighted. Will you receive it graciously or in annoyance?

How is your relationship with your sensual self? Rather than being nit picky about how you look on the outside get to know your divine body within. This is a great time for you to listen to your body and find what your physical needs are and honor them.


This Venus Rx is happening in your Solar 12th house of dreams and solitude. Have your art projects from long past been beckoning you in a dream? Lately hearing music and melodies that bring you to a nostalgic era is making you reconnect with the artistic side of yourself. On the physical level, you may be feeling a need to withdraw into a self-nurturing nest of creativity and dreamtime exploration. Communication with past lovers is on a psychic level and you can feel their presence more so now than ever. You may not take action on these feelings but they will feel as real as the day you experienced them. You have been attracting a lot of force towards you and this is because you are feeling the fire of mars light up in your solar first house. If you aren't utilizing this energy for productive tasks you can be falling into lethargy and escapism. Hedonism has a time and place for sure but this is an opportune time to nip those bad habits in the bud, as they will be surfacing royally now. It is important for your health and daily life.


The Venus Rx is backtracking its way through your solar 11th house of long distance friends, social network, and group activities. You may be feeling the need to find a new soul tribe and breaking away from the current group of people that you are surrounding yourself now. You are a part of every social group as it is and don't identify with any of them but all of them at the same time. You may also be struck with nostalgia towards old groups of friends from your distant past wanting to reach out with them and reestablish that connection you once had. Communicating to your extended network is in overdrive now and you want to share and showcase a part of you to them that they rarely get to see. When you are tapped in you have the gift of psychic communication, now is the time to really establish that ability and work with your peers on strengthening this skill.


Letting go is something that is always difficult for you but it seems to be the time when a big shift in your career is starting to take shape and when that happens in means it's time to let go of some of the baggage. When Venus makes her Rx motion back into Pisces on April 3rd you'll find an opportunity to heal yourself then and be engulfed in the nurturing energies of Pisces. Venus Rx in her Morning Star phase forces us to really look at what we value in life and within ourselves, if you haven't been feeling of value in your career it's time to take a hard look at what you need to do in order to regain that trust and love. It's a dawning of a new day for you Cancer. Be out there and take what you need to be a successful, flourishing individual!


South America beckons, Australia calls, Egypt is tantalizing, all of the places you have wanted to explore since you were a child are tempting you now. Your heart is being drawn towards a far off land. If you follow this calling will you find what you are looking for? Talking and connecting with others feels foreign when normally it's so natural for you and this could be because you are going through new moon phase of starting a new philosophy on life. You are in the learning stages of finding out what is truly valuable to you. Naturally, you are very in sync with your beliefs but as of late you have been met with some heavy opposition, which is causing you to withdraw and reevaluate what your beliefs are. Create some magick and explore the realm of the Akasha. Don't know what that is? It's a good time to find out!


There is a pretty big opposition happening in your second and 8th house which is causing a previous partnership or financial contract to be re-evaluated which in turn is causing you to reinstate your trust in others and subsequently your trust in yourself. You need intimacy and deep connections with others now and may be projecting your love for yourself onto other people, seeing in them a value system that is meant for you. The way you show love is by doing, taking care of things and getting shit done. When your lover asks you to do something you are on it but is it really being appreciated the way you want it to? If not, how are you able to transform your love style into what is best for your lover? Are you capable of opening up fully and being completely vulnerable? Venus Rx in your 8th house invites you to question whether or not your expressions of love are being met with the same amount of intimacy that you are requesting. Open up a dialogue and communicate about what's working sexually and what's not. For those of you who are single, you can look to relationships of the past to see where you gave love with an expectation of something in return only to receive something you felt did not match. Dive deep into that theme and pull from it a new way of showing love that is effective. What does it mean to love unconditionally?


The Venus Rx is happening in your solar house of relationships, partnerships and legal contracts. It is opposite of you and fully focused on your intimate one on one relationships which is flowing in abundance right now, you are attracting independent and fierce people. What does this mean for you? You find that when you are around these fiery strong willed people that it rubs off on you. Take note of the people you are surrounding yourself with and take note on how they are leading you to value your independence. They act much like mirrors for you, what you don't like about yourself is being projected heavily onto those around you and what you love about yourself is also being projected. Use this time to recognize these traits within you that you are witnessing in others. The opportunity for Law of Attraction is high right now, have intent when you ask for something from the Universe because you will get it. Be cognizant of your inner dialogue because the source is listening.


You need to be in love with what you are working on or else it's just going to feel like a chore. Venus Rx is forcing you to open up your eyes and take a hard look at what you do on the daily. Are you putting forth effort for projects you are in love with? Are you able to create and sculpt and manipulate your 3rd-dimensional reality? If you aren't, what are some of the dead weight items on your daily calendar that you can get rid of? Have you been neglecting your health? Venus is traveling through your solar 6th house of daily work, chores, health and hygiene. What are some personal hygiene rituals that you have been partaking in out of habit that serve no function for you anymore? You have a newly invested interest in your health and since the Rx, have started a regimen to better preserve it. You don’t have patience for those you feel are intellectually inferior. Remember when you were a fledgling new baby creatress and show compassion for those who have been working to help make your dreams come true.


You have been dying to get out and play so bad but there's just something blocking you and it's this deepening need to be more responsible in your life. The Sun is shining, birds are chirping and the mountains are beckoning. Your sense of freedom and fun is kicking in and you are being tempted to just drop it all, frolic in a field and spread your seed and this very well could be a good time for that if finances weren't such a heavy topic. Being more frugal with how you have fun and finding cheap ways to get out with friends is totally acceptable and no one will judge you. You most likely have had ex-lovers present themselves, which created a moral dilemma. Now that Venus Rx is entering her Morning Star phase, you are able to identify those times when you just want to run away, when they happen and why. You are being given the opportunity to start new artistic projects but it may still be in the gestation period.


You have been going through quite a transformation ever since Pluto entered your sign in January of 2008. Your home life is in the spotlight and how you are managing it is in question. There is a heightened sense of immediacy after the Sun entered Aries on March 20th. It's time to retrofit the home and reconnect the love. What makes you feel comfortable at home? What are some habits you have acquired from your parents that you have reinstated in your home? Are you upholding a tradition that no longer serves you and your family? If so how does it feel to finally let it go? It's all in the name of love and your partner may just be acting out in an effort to attain more affection from you.


Do you speak from a place of love? When was the last time you said "I love you" to yourself? You may not be the most overt sexual being but you can still experience intimacy. The best way for you to explore this is by literally saying it out loud to yourself in the mirror. Lame, I know, straight from one of those self-help books. When are you ever going to do it in your life again? No one will see you and it's going to be only for yourself. Aquarius, you can sometimes come off as emotionally detached and this is being heavily focused on the way you communicate. If you have siblings, they will be the first ones to point this out. If you aren't expressing yourself from a truly loving space it will show and it will mostly show as harshness towards self. When someone wants to relish on how awesome, unique, fun, and talented you are, just take it! There may be some artistic projects gestating within you that you need to write out. You too may have been caught up in the ex-lover nostalgia of the first half of the Venus Rx and tried reaching out you may have gotten the closure you needed because of it.


You have had quite a big month and are recuperating from the massive eclipse that swooped through your solar first house of self. You have been in your gestation period of evaluating and creating your new identity and now it's time to start to put the groundwork down. Venus Rx is a great time for you practice self-care and self-love rituals to help you get back on track. This Aries energy is really quick and you feel like everyone is moving at hyper speed! You may be feeling pressure to keep up, just remember that everyone goes through his or her own cycles and you are an observer. Venus Rx is in your second house of personal finances and values. The energy is shifting quickly and you are questioning some of the major purchases you've made out of haste. Why did you buy all of those self help books?? You are openly questioning these purchases, which is a step in the right direction. Finding value within yourself rather than an outside source is key.

- Evelyn -


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