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Evelyn Zuel


Specializing in Evolutionary Astrology, Karmic Astrology and Life Path


Specializing in Past Life Regression, Age Regression, Memory Retrieval, Fear Abatement, Anxiety & Panic and Relationships 


Readings & Hypnosis sessions are available to book on The Mystic Parlor's booking platform.


Every single person receives a specific energy pattern upon their first breath on Earth. This energy is a complete picture of where the galaxy was at that specific moment. Essentially the native is breathing in the energy of the moment and to be able to read that pattern is what Astrology entails. There is actually a ton of math/geometry and research involved with reading a chart. The specific geometric angles that planets make to each other creates a vibrational wave. So if you can imagine each planetary point on a birth chart emitting vibrations towards each other, that is what an Astrologer reads. Some frequencies resonate stronger and some don't; some create discord and some create beautiful harmony. Each one of these notes creates a song and that song is you.

To have your birth chart read is to be empowered with the confidence of knowing what your song is and singing it proudly. It helps to know where your song resonates the best in a geographical location or if your song resonates with your significant other in a productive way. Your song never changes but it is influenced by the environment and life experiences. 


Taking steps to know oneself and the energies that make up your being takes you one step closer to becoming united with the divine whole. 


I've been in a transitional period of my life and decided to learn more about myself through astrology. It was my first time having an astrology reading and Evelyn discussed the process with me beforehand. Evelyn also performed a relationship astrology reading for me. She was well prepared for our appointment after I provided her with the information she needed. She provided me the charts and read them with me so that I could understand the process myself. Her reading was thoughtful and she was able to relay many viewpoints and meanings for each situation. Her optimism and calming nature helped soothe my uncertainty.  She was not rushed and answered all my questions. The reading left me with peace of mind and understanding. I highly recommend any reading by Evelyn!

Diana P.

Chicago IL

Evelyn is beautiful, warm and inviting. We had my first reading after a big shift in my life and she helped me sort out the uncertainty with my move, career and family. She brought me tremendous relief and understanding. I will definitely be continuing my readings with her!

Michelle P.


I had never had my chart read by a professional and after my experience with Evelyn I'm telling everyone they should have theirs read by her! I gained so much insight about myself that coping with daily existence, as well as the murky future, seems so much more understandable and easier to deal with. I now know why I react a certain way and what is keeping me from what I want to attain, among other things. Evelyn is very knowledgable and explained everything to a astro novice in such a calming and non judgmental way. Her recommendation to record the reading was wise as I have listened to it again and I picked up new information that I was unable to digest initially. Whether you're a believer or not I think anyone with an open mind can learn something about themselves when having their chart read by Evelyn. It gave me confirmation, clarity, and most importantly direction and motivation. I am a believer and I will be coming back to Astrom Council for more!

Elise H.

Los Angeles CA.

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** All readings are completely private and confidential I may however use examples from our readings as learning and teaching tools only and will never disclose personal information. Astrological readings are for entertainment purposes only I do not claim to be a doctor or physician.

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