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Welcome to my Personal Home Theater of Inspirational videos that are helpful in the awakening process.

Video Interview with Astrom Council

Eclipse chats with Sabrina Riccio of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast

In this episode of the Sovereign Goddess Podcast, we talked about… ☾ The Recent Leo/Aquarius Axis ☾ How to hone in to the Eclipse Portal ☾ The Rise of Inner Child Healing ☾ Insights on the various houses of your natal chart... and a ton more - 2 air signs chatting free-form 

Astrom Council interview with Hobo Safe Camp

We talk astrology - how to get started

This is my first interview ever and I'm so glad it is with Mark from 

My interview starts at 55:24 but I encourage everyone to listen to all of the interviewees as they talk about herbalism, spirituality and all things awesome!

The Hidden Human History Movie

Spirit Science

I love this little video on the history of human consciousness. It's packed with a ton of information so keep your ears and heart open to receive this wealth of knowledge. The video does an amazing job of encompassing all of life's mysteries in one linear visual context explaining the human/alien bond, what the pyramids were used for and how the current political and social constructs are not normal for basic living functions.

9 Hours Tibetan Healing Sounds

Natural sounds Gold for Meditation & Relaxation

9 Freaking hours long! Throw this on for your full work day and feel like you never left the bed! But don't fall asleep at work, we don't want you to get in trouble.

Aura Cleansing Sleep Meditation

Cleanse all 7 Chakras with this diddy

Nearly 3 full hours of complete bliss. Try it out for your next meditation session.

Edgar Cayce The Legend

If you have never heard of Edgar Cayce, please watch this video as it introduces you to his work in a fantastic way. He is the most prolific psychic in American History and should have won a Nobel Peace Prize as he died a poor man but helped hundreds of thousands of people throughout his life. 

How to Become a Master Alchemist

by Vera Ingeborg

This is basically all you need to know, ever. Watch this for divine inspiration on a cloudy day.

Sweet Meditation Music

This is my bath time jam. Listen, enjoy and bliss the F out.

Alchemy, Transform Your Soul

Gnosticism is a philosophical teaching that helps to bridge the gap between ancient and modern teachings. This video is a lecture on the alchemical elements seen by the Gnostics (which in reality is a universal vision).

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