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Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn has just gone direct from its retrograde motion and it finally feels like we can breath again. Saturn first went retrograde on the 25th of March of this year and went forward motion on August 13th. When a planet switches from retrograde to direct we feel a very real shift in energy going from stagnation to full force.

Saturn has been in Sagittarius since September 19th 2015 and will continue its journey until December 19th 2017. For those of you born between November 1985 - November 1988 have got a doozy of a year ahead because you are lucky enough to be experiencing your Saturn Return! For majority of you it means a whole lot of life changes going on!

For all of my budding Astrologers and enthusiasts out there who don't already know, Saturn is the planet of restrictions, the old crone - father of time. He forcibly holds us back when we've been pushing the boundaries to an unforeseeable limit. Saturn is the ruler of this realm (Earth) and is the key to unlocking the otherworldly mysteries of Uranus, Pluto and Neptune. Without the strength, structure and patience of Saturn we would not have our shit together enough to fly to the Moon and build beautiful monuments and structures. I could go on and on about Saturn alone but the gist of Saturn is that he's a dick, he's a taskmaster and he's the authority of Matter, which is the Earth and everything in it. - This is also known as the brick wall we hit when we feel the limits of our three dimensional reality.

Sagittarius is the truth seeker through philosophy, religion and adventure. This sign knows no bounds and becomes anxious when kept still. Sagittarius wants to expand its self worth through knowledge and academic notoriety. Sagittarius also governs publications meaning the act to publish information. The way Sagittarian energy moves is called "mutable", imagine a spiral or funnel / vortex of energy. Sagittarius is a fire sign, now the spiral has an element to it making Sagittarius a spiral vortex of fire! You can't contain a vortex of fire! But Saturn can.

People born with Saturn in Sagittarius are more critical and discerning of where their information comes from and who is preaching. This can inadvertently restrict information that comes into their atmosphere due to Saturn's constraining effects. If a person born with this aspect has found them selves in a dark place due to depression or what have you, the negative side of Saturn in Sag comes emerging through the personality. An inability to empathize with foreign groups of thoughts and ideals and wanting to shut out all other opinions from religious or academic groups solely for being apart of an institution.


Saturn in Sag delivers the lesson that we must be more selective of what information we digest if our instincts have been to blindly follow and scroll and scroll and scroll the Facebook feed. During this time there is an inherent need for a deeper truth amidst being inundated with link after link and - oh! another news ad! oh! A story about a cute puppy riding a donkey! Discernment of the news is the motto here.

There is a level of skepticism towards higher learning and authority now as we witness what happens when college institutions hand out massive student loans to hundreds of thousands of people who may never be able to pay it back. Ultimately feeling like a prisoner to the academic system. A reality check will be in order for all news media, academic, religious and judicial systems. If you're a Scorpio you're probably crying with joy right now. Yes my Scorpio friends, the death of an era is upon us and my does it feel good to watch the old structures fall however slowly it may be.

Another major aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius is this itchy feeling to break free from our responsibilities. A massive craving for wanderlust has got us by the heels! It feels like there is a better life out there somewhere, we don't know where but we just know there has to be. Idealizing government systems from far distant lands that we've never been to before. Craving a spiritual experience in the Maya ruins. Sagittarius wants to run, she doesn't know where yet but it's out there... somewhere.

My personal experiences with Saturn in Sagittarius as I go through my return have been wonderful and painfully eye opening. Saturn is in my second house of personal values, finances, 5 senses, food and consumption. My whole life I ate sugar, fat, dairy and candy whenever I wanted (I was an only child of divorced parents who went to bed early. Cake and candy all night long!) I had been way too open and free with my diet. Because of this my body developed eczema. I now have to be very strict in order to have a happy body and no skin problems. So I feel that Saturn in sag is very much linked to learning how to pull in the reigns on whatever life experience your Saturn is restricting which is determined by which house it lives in. Saturn restricts my consumption and five senses due to my overly optimistic (Sagittarius) attitude towards what my body can and cannot tolerate.

Learning to use the fire of Sagittarius in a constructive way will help to curb the effects of Saturn during these times. If wanderlust and distractions from media get in the way learn a new meditative practice. It is so important to find a constructive routine/ritual whether it is spiritual, physical or mental. Please be very discerning with the information that you read and hear as well. There are a lot of preachers (Sagittarius) out there in the media and the news speaking their truth as if it is fact (Saturn) when really it is just their opinion.

- Evelyn

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