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Rise and Shine~

Rise and Shine!

“Early Morning Dew Sparkles As Sunlight Floods The Field”

An electric shock to the system wakes us up from a slumber. The Full Moon in Leo is bright with energy, shining stunningly in the night to illuminate all that has been felt through the new moon phase. The time to take charge is now! How will you open yourself up to the vulnerability it requires to be a strong leader and shower the collective with your creative life force? Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a full-on leader, there are still various areas of your life in which you shine and inspire those around you to be their best. In your natal chart, the house that Leo rules would be the area in life in which you can take on those natural leadership skills.

Maybe the house that Leo rules is a place where you are overcoming shyness. It could be the area of your life where you have built up confidence over time by persevering and pushing through any feelings of inadequacy. Leo teaches us how to unabashedly represent ourselves with humble pride. Where have you been holding yourself back out of a fear of rejection? Where have you been playing small? The full moon in Leo shares with us a time when we can release our worries around being “too much”. During full moons we should also consider the glorious Sun and recognize where the great bringer of life is hanging in the sky since he is the reason the Moon shines so brightly at night. The Sun in Aquarius is met with the massive planet Jupiter. These two huge egos come together to serve us confidence, extreme optimism and pompousness. The risk factor is huge with this aspect between the Sun and Jupiter in the Aquarius / Leo axis. Maybe the growth has been rapid and fast and now it seems daunting to maintain the large beast that has been created. Leo loves a good game and won’t pass up the opportunity to place his bets on an outcome suited for himself. “The greater the risk the bigger the reward!”- Is what they always say, which is true to an extent; unless the bar has been pushed too far due to overt cockiness and the truth has been veiled by a cloud of fantasy. Luckily, we have full moon releases to let go of times when we have felt overly pompous or too prideful to see the reality that our egos veiled from us. The humbling experience of embarrassment is a bitter shot to the system which re-integrates the higher self with the ego. These moments of public embarrassment are necessary and when the cheeks begin to burn and turn fiery red, the alchemical process of transformation has begun.

The balance between one’s own desires and that of the collective’s is the artist’s lament. How much of what an artist shares will the collective even care about? Sometimes this question itself stops the show dead in its tracks. Aquarius represents the audience and the stage for the Lion’s entertainment. Without the observer does the performance still exist or does it funnel down into a vacuum of ambiguity? To be seen and witnessed by the collective gives purpose to the Lion, not in an egotistical way but because the Lion requires the audience’s reflection back to itself in order to know where the self even begins. A downtrodden Leo can go through experiences of impotence, unable to perform or share its light which is a main responsibility for the archetype. If once cannot share parts of the self, then there is no hope for glory. The pride of the lion is not to be confused with egotism because pride is a lovely feature in a being. To have pride in oneself shows reverence to the kingdom that lives within, it shows respect to the universal source. When you share your gifts and talents out of pride you are serving the community by giving pieces of yourself. So, with the Leo full moon’s logic, it is almost necessary for us to offer something to the collective of ourselves that we hold dear to our hearts, something that brings us pure joy that we would love to see everyone partake in even if it feels like a huge risk.

Venus conjunct Pluto

Some big transits are complimenting the full moon in Leo that are quite strong influences. Venus and Pluto are exactly conjunct the moment the full moon culminates in the sky. Venus and Pluto are in Capricorn, which surfaces some deep secrets of the heart. The sultry and passionate planets create a potential for vulnerable sensuality that we can tap into for transformational relationships whether long term or short. The temptations are high, and these two supra sexual energies can forcefully uproot old coagulated and purified parts of our relationship to authoritarianism, capitalism, consumerism, the government, our own sovereignty, sexuality and ability to procreate freely into the heavily regulated system. Phew! That is quite a lot of gunk coming up for fresh air! All in all, it’s a shedding of being imprisoned from our divinely goddess given right to manifest freely what it is we need to thrive as human beings. Our earth provides all that is needed and there is no excuse for any one soul to go hungry or cast aside on this bountiful and rich planet. Capricorn is a feminine earth sign that when represented properly, showers us with her grandmotherly stern yet loving wisdom. She guides us in how to manifest structures that offer security. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn is located in the root chakra, the root connects us to the continual life affirming earth and without a strong bond between the two our sense of security within the world is disrupted. Having a strong root allows us to have confidence that all will be provided for us financially, agriculturally and domestically. The ability to manifest begins with a strong root. So, this full moon is bringing up any insecurities that we may have regarding resources, having enough and what we share (Leo). This may come in the form of navigating a personal one on relationship or a contractual agreement with bosses / landlords. Have confidence in yourself that you know what you need and that you are worthy of asking for what you want and trust that mother earth will provide so long as she is not being restricted from her abilities to do so.

Jupiter opposite the moon

Grandiosity, graciousness, gregariousness, gargantuan emotions! When Jupiter opposes the moon, we come into awareness what belief systems are being projected onto us that limits our ability to feel independent from the group. The reaction to this can come out as a rejection of collective beliefs in order to stand out from the pigeonholed masses. The phrase “too much” tends to come up a lot during Jupiter opposite Moon transits. With the tendency to over give, over share and over emphasize emotions around this time, watch for exaggerations and overly optimistic declarations. The upside to this moon aspect is how charitable the energy is. Jupiter exaggerates the energy that it touches which can work for good or bad, too much of a good thing can end up sending you to the hospital. But just the right amount of risk, will yield just the right amount of reward.

Full Moon Affirmations

I am that and that am I

I share my creations freely

I trust my gut when taking risks

When I shine my light, I attract my soul family

My external world is a reflection of the lessons I am currently learning

I am so thankful for all that I have

Evelyn Zuel


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