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New Moon in Aries ♈︎

New Moon Aries 4° 12’

Conjunct Chiron at 5° and Lilith at 6°

Square North Node at 3°

Saturn moves into Aquarius

A new astrological year is upon us, which means we have entered a new season. In the Northern hemisphere we are celebrating the arrival of spring while those of you in the southern hemisphere are welcoming the beginning of autumn. Nonetheless we are all graced with the radiating light waves of the constellation Aries until April 19th. The 4th card in the tarot is represented by The Emperor and is associated with the purest form of fiery Aries. We are in an Emperor 4 year and the first new moon lands at 4° in Aries. The number 4 is a strong, stable, and very powerful number that holds within it a sense of responsibility to others. Force, might, strength and power are key phrases for this New Moon cycle. We are met with a masculine force, a force that everyone whether Male, Female or non-binary has within. The balance between the masculine and feminine within each and every one of us is our own personal experience. During this time, we get a chance to check in with that masculine part of ourselves by meditating on the Emperor, the Ram and how their archetypal energy is reflected through our unique selves.

The Ram, the sign of self and independence, hits obstacles furiously head on in order to win the battle. In astrology Aries represents the head, the hardest part of the body. Being hardheaded is a nomenclature Aries is not unfamiliar with. When Aries gets a burst of excitement for a new project, it slams into it, ready to go, acting now and thinking about it later. Like the Fool card, which is the first card of the major arcana, Aries moves swiftly, optimistically and with confidence. Sometimes so optimistic, without having had a chance to think through all the possible outcomes Aries can walk itself into a sticky situation, or like the Fool Card, right off a cliff. Taking risks and saying “yes” without the assurance of a solid future is what we are up against this Aries New Moon. Because we have no guarantee for what’s to come, we must use our animal instincts. Instinct and intuition are two different things. Instinct lies within the body, more specifically in the gut, while intuition comes from a deeper knowing that stems from a higher intelligence. Aries has killer instinct and can sense danger around the corner.

When the Moon and the Sun meet in Aries, there is a bout of frantic energy that emerges. A sense of needing to be seen piques cries of fury, joy, passion and rage. When a baby’s needs are not being met what does it do? What is its first line of defense? It doesn’t have much time to sit and think about its needs, rather it lets out a loud and deafening shriek to say, “I AM RIGHT HERE AND I NEED SOMETHING NOW!” When a baby wants attention, feels hunger, feels its bowels on the move it cries. Crying then becomes a powerful form of release and a productive one at that.

Looking to where Venus is can shed light on how we can balance the intensity from this new moon. She sits harmoniously in Taurus, making a trine aspect to Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and Neptune. Venus is the secret star of the show and is helping us all feel more grounded during these chaotic times. Our relationship to food, things and money is of concern and how much of it all we are consuming. Over-spending, bulk buying and hoarding become big topics as the New Moon in Aries works towards securing safety and refuge for its followers. The beauty of Venus in Taurus is her ability to show that there is more than enough for everyone. Her generosity satisfies all who are in need. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and making a pass over the intense Jupiter / Pluto conjunction, which happens every 33 years. The last time Jupiter and Pluto made this intense aspect to one another in Capricorn was in 1894 BCE, around the time when the structures of government that we have today were being set in literal stone. So, this time we are living in can be considered a complete revolution of Jupiter and Pluto’s cycle together in Capricorn. As we walk into this New Moon phase of governmental structures, we must and I repeat, MUST use our instincts. We must have full confidence in who we are as individuals, what our values are and hold on to those core parts of our being. Because if you don’t have a strong center, it is very hard to know who you are in a time of crisis.

I want to take this time to connect on a personal level as an astrologer, a US citizen and someone who has also been affected by the worldly events such as Covid19. There are things that seem uncertain about the direction we are heading in and whether we will be protected. The structures that have been holding the fabric of our society together are slowly unraveling. In the United States of America, we cannot fully trust the direction that our elected leaders are taking us. Of course, a good percentage of civil servants work from the heart but the main people who follow the current administration have time and again put profits before people. This New Moon in Aries is political. We are at a critical moment of defining who we are as a people. People are inherently good and want to live a happy and free life. Your virtue as a person is tested when the basic needs of shelter and food are threatened. The North and South nodes are still in Capricorn and Cancer for a short while, igniting some hard decisions some of us may never have thought we’d have to make. These decisions of regarding our sense of security, the safety of our family, and protecting the home can feel daunting but no one other than you will know what is right for your inner circle. We may need to make decisions that go against the grain of society, that look abnormal or strange. This is where our inner authority comes into play. Visualize yourself as the Emperor, the one and only one in charge of your own life and understand what a huge responsibility this is not just for you, but the people around you. Move confidently into the unknown and know that Universe always provides.

New Moon Mantras


I am the sole proprietor of my future

I must make tough decisions for the greater good of the whole

I am a light for others to follow

Dance wildly in your room, cry loudly on the toilet and rejoice that you are alive.

With love and peace profound,



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