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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn ~ Know Where You Came From

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn at 13° 37’

July 4th, 2020 at 9:43 pm pst

Sabien Symbol for 13° Capricorn:
"An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved In Granite Remains A Witness To A Long-Forgotten Culture"

Eclipses are times of massive shifts and the ones we’ve been experiencing for the last year and a half are no joke. Because the eclipses were in Capricorn and Cancer, cardinal signs that are active and procreative, the massive shifts we’ve been experiencing are in most every part of our existence from culture, geography, politics and authority. Capricorn is the sign that represents the masculine external realm though it is considered a feminine / yin sign because of its relationship to the earth it is an active feminine. Just to make one point about using the term “masculine” and “feminine”, this isn’t about biological bodies, these terms are referencing the energetic principles that are universal in all living beings. Cancer is also a feminine or yin sign because of her elemental relationship to water. So, the biggest shifts we have been seeing throughout the last year is with the feminine powers and what that means is all things regarding intuition, family, lineage, resources, land rights, justice and our governing bodies. The Moon in Capricorn is a stern placement, if you know anyone with a moon in Capricorn you know how hard it can be for them to just let the well of emotions out. Since this is a collective experience, we will feel a massive release of emotions and this is necessary in order to make room for progress which is a key word for Capricorn. Father wounds can come up during this time so allow yourself to fully lean into the lessons that the Eclipse is releasing from within you.

“You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you came from”

Unconditional love is a life practice that in theory is something we are meant to experience as small children. In a perfect world every one of us would have had this foundation to build ourselves upon. When we are shown healthy ways of loving with nothing expected of us in return from both of the masculine and feminine authorities, we end up having confidence in our abilities for financial independence, securing resources and having a strong sense of self-worth. As children we are working on strengthening our root chakras which is what allows us to feel secure in the world around us by nurturing a strong bond with our families and lineage that came before us. Having a cultural identity is one part of building a strong base for the root chakra because when you are able to know where you belong on the earth as a people and how you came to be as a biological being, you can move forward into the future with confidence. Another side to knowing about your cultural lineage is bringing forth the awareness of the mistakes your people made in order to redirect the future. “You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you came from” is a quote I remember hearing in college, appropriate for those times when the future is limitless and indefinitely uncertain.

For many of us, there was a rift between the masculine and feminine authorities in our lives as children, it is actually quite rare to find someone who had a perfectly balanced parental relationship that was supportive, boosted confidence and expressed unconditional love, so if you are one of those people you have a leg up in this world. The Moon and Sun in our charts represent the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within ourselves and how it is reflected back to us through the relationship with our parents. Our parents are the first people who show us how the feminine and masculine relationship will play out in our lives growing up. The Sun in the charts shows how we relate to the father figure and the Moon shows how the mother relationship internally influences us. Throughout the last year and a half since November 6, of 2018 the nodes were Capricorn and Cancer and the eclipses were showing us on a global scale how our relationship to these divine masculine and feminine forces have manifested within. Throughout this time, we have been learning how to reconnect with the masculine in a way that was positive and healthy. We all are masculine and feminine beings. We all have a Sun and a Moon in our charts, how these polarities manifest within an individual person varies in myriad of ways. Because this is our last eclipse in the familial signs of Capricorn and Cancer, this is the one last push until 2037 to release any sort fears of success you hold because you weren’t shown early on in life how valuable you are. This is the time to release any animosity you still hold within towards the father figure in your life that seeps into an unhealthy relationship with authority. This is the time to activate unconditional love for yourself, especially if you feel like you didn’t receive this as a child. This is the time to go back into your family history and release any guilt you have from their misdeeds, to work on balancing the scales of their karma. Because moving forward the group consciousness is to work on re-learning and re-educating ourselves on how to speak what’s on our minds.

A major theme that comes up for this Eclipse in Capricorn is what traditions are we willing to let go of and which ones are we able to hold on to knowing that it represents a significant moment in history? On a personal level, what are some family or cultural traditions that you don’t actually identify with and are able to let go of? Sometimes we hold on to tradition for traditions sake, but the act just ends up losing its original meaning. Creating new traditions that are special and unique to you and your own community creates stronger bonds and a stronger sense of identity. The root chakra becomes active when we participate in rituals that have been passed down from generation to generation. In an age when humans are able and willing to uproot themselves to make a new place their home where they don’t have any previous connections to, it is so important to learn the history of that place and find what personally speaks to you. Take it upon yourself to visit the local history museum in your town, find out when the town or city was incorporated and how it got its name. Connect with the literal ground you are walking on and feel the presence of the ones who came before you.

Major aspects

Sun conjunct Vesta Sun trine Ceres

Jupiter, Pluto conjunct Pallas Athena all retrograde in Capricorn

Moon out of bounds in detriment

Mercury Square Juno

Mercury square Mars

Mercury square Chiron

Chiron opposite Juno

Asteroid goddesses are making a big impact on the Lunar Eclipse chart which brings issues regarding women’s, lgbtq+, black and indigenous rights up to the foreground. We are going to be confronted with a good amount of fanaticism throughout the South Node Sagittarius / North Node in Gemini transit which lasts until January 2022. The history of the expansion of religious doctrine throughout the world will be something we collectively consider. Extremist behavior isn’t something that just belongs to the “other side” which is the side you don’t belong to. The polarity that happens with intolerance goes both ways which is why learning how to harness the pattern of unconditional love now while we are moving through the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn will be helpful moving forward throughout the year. Loving someone doesn’t mean you have to like them, offering love to someone simply because they too belong to the human race is simply enough. Polarity offers up delusions of separation, creates ideals that the ‘other’ is less than human and therefore does not deserve the same respect simply because they believe something different, is quite the slippery slope that lays host to combat. This type of intolerance is what pushed colonial conquests throughout history, displacing groups of people and disconnecting them from their roots has left many with lineage wounds to heal regarding feeling lost or ‘home’less. These are some of the archetypal father wounds that we can collective work on healing within ourselves. When we heal our wounds, it heals the lineage too.

I accept unconditional love into my being
I respect the keepers of the land that came before me
I do not own this land but am a steward to it
I am valuable
I love the father within me
I love the mother within me
I do not fear authority

I have to mention this one last major tidbit about the coming Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn that is more on the mundane level astrologically. It’s almost too big of a topic to ignore: the “birthday” of the United States of America. In mundane astrology Cancer represents the homeland and Capricorn represents the political governing body of that geographic location. Often people who have a career in government will have strongly placed Mars, Saturn and Moon aspects sometimes in Cancer / Capricorn but often in the 4th, 10th and 12th houses. The United States was “born” on 4th of July 1776 when the Declaration of Independence of signed into law. Before that July, the United States was governed by Great Britain and was under their rule of law using their currency and economic systems. A major aspect happening within the United States chart for the time it found liberation from Great Britain is found in the 2nd house of money and finance, 9th house of higher education and publication, 7th house of business / foreign contracts and the 4th house of homeland security.

The reason to bring this up is not to be an egocentric American who thinks that whatever happens to the states will affect the whole world, but because the United States does have its hands in almost every part of the world and what happens to that country will inevitably affect the financial aspects in those places. The US is going through its first ever Pluto return, to happen in February of 2021 in the 2ndhouse of money and value. The value systems for one are going to completely change but another thing is that the financial structure of what the US was built upon will see a massive upheaval. Pluto is a powerful planet that digs deep into the shadows of whatever house it’s found in. The way the US gained financial power was through some dark channels that were secretive and manipulative. The slave trade is one obvious way the US became wealthy off of the backs of others but also through land theft. There are probably many other ways the US raised to its power that we aren’t currently aware of but when the Pluto return hits, it will all be out in the open. The reason this 4th of July Eclipse is monumental to the US is because the Jupiter Pluto conjunction has been happening in its second house but also because the Jupiter / Pluto conjunction is retrograde, which is a type of implosive energy. The Jupiter Pluto conjunction meets exact the day after and there have already been talks of a financial protest being called a “Black Out” where everyone in the black community is not going to participate in the economy for that day in order to show how much they contribute to the wealth of the nation. There are many country’s that face the same types of injustices with how imperialism has colonized the land in unfair ways. The act of protest in the United States which has been long overdue will show other country’s that the citizens are finally ready to take their country back and to enact a fairer and just process of authority that reflects the worth of every individual.

Evelyn Zuel
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