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Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer

Full Moon Cancer Eclipse

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A pregnant moon in opposition with the Sun illuminates the inner realm of self. Our emotional nature becomes projected onto the big screen and we share, express, and let go of the compendium of psychic chords entangled within. On January 10thwe experience the first full moon of the year, it is also an eclipse in the Capricorn Cancer axis. Big life changes are oft brought upon us with the tides of an eclipse. A lot of us will be experiencing the final chapters of a long phase, project or relationship, this is a ‘coming to terms’ moment in the grand story of our lives. The nurturing qualities of Cancer can sometimes be a thorn in your side, it nags at you to take care of yourself in the way you know how but can’t seem to get around to doing it. Our worlds are rocked as we learn to let go of success stories of recent past. To forge our own way into the future is the right we have when leading our own legacy. Many of us have taken a vow, to never repeat a past that has wounded so many and to be rid of traditions for traditions sake. This full moon pushes us out of the proverbial nest our parents have worked so hard at creating. And some of us parents are pushing the little ones on, encouraging their growth as they venture in designing a world for themselves. Businesses close as new ones open. The eclipse portal goes both ways, the cycle of birth and decay are one in the same.

On a personal level there are many success stories but also woeful sadness. Lunar eclipses help us to let go while we usher in the new. Particularly emotional, Cancer aids us in nurturing our wounds and the wounds of those around us. We help wherever we can and offer condolences where they are needed. The Capricorn sun rewards hard work while the Cancer moon sooths growing pains.

This Capricorn / Cancer eclipse cycle started July 12th, 2018 at 20°, take a look back at where you were then, what you were starting and see how it is now culminating in your life. It started as a thought, a seed that was planted and has now sprung forth with which to bear its fruit. A fruit so sweet it almost feels too dangerous to eat. Capricorn the mountain goat takes one careful step towards glory but there is a Saturn Pluto conjunction that tints this glory with a bitter taste. How can we allow ourselves the fruit of our labor when the world is burning? One pervert in jail while another walks free. This eclipse, as all eclipses do, illuminates that which has been hidden. What makes this one feel so special, is a wrapping up of a delicate season.

Mercury sits with the Sun to whisper messages we’ve all been waiting to hear. However, we are faced with a question; do we trust the trickster? He sits out of bounds, with no sense of responsibility to the rigid structures that Capricorn lays out. Speaking when we least expect and remaining silent all other times. When a planet is out of bounds, its declination is lower or higher than 23 degrees and 27 minutes north or south. Interpreting a planet out of bounds is like trying to pin down the unexpected, planets tend to work with their own agenda while they are floating high above the ecliptic plane. Mercury is illicit in this eclipse, making a tight conjunction with the Sun, we find it difficult to understand or find truth in what is presented, especially when it comes to political matters. Luckily this rogue grifter returns to order on the 12th after he has passed that Saturn Pluto conjunction of disassembled structures. Jupiter, the god of the gods sits at the release point of this eclipse at 8° conjunct the south node. It is possible that justice is thrown out with the bath water and the court of law rules in its own favor, to uphold traditional façade of course. But Venus in Aquarius has a fondness for humanity and the beauty of community bonding is impacted by Uranus’ direct movement on the 12th. We see an outpouring of humanitarian aid and also feel the pull towards making a concerted effort to harness more awareness of the worldly issues into our daily lives. As always, we do not fear but walk forth with confidence, in ourselves and our mission on this earth.

Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer Mantras

* I cultivate a grand vision for the future *

* I nurture myself during this growth cycle *

* I shed any and all expectations of and for my parents *

* I shed any and all expectations of and for my government *

* I believe in my own authority *

* I am emotionally resilient *

* I am safe *

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