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Dark Moon Phase in Libra

New Moon in Libra // September 30th at 5:04pm - Dark Moon Phase

Lately I have been reading a lot about the Dark Moon and have come to understand it as something very sacred. Recently I asked, during meditation to go to the dark side, my shadow self and show me what is in need of being purged. A lot came to surface, mostly fear of the dark and the unknown and addictions that I cultivate willingly. The more I thought about my fear of the dark the more I realized that it had been something so engrained in me since I was a child. Whenever it was time to go to bed I would make every excuse possible to get out of going up to my dark room all alone, coming down asking for a glass of water, food, tv. The past couple of weeks the fear of the dark would creep in as the Sun would set. Coyotes howling in the near distance would spook me because typically directly after would be the cries of a dying dog, cat or raccoon.

Death happens in the dark.

Why cry for the dead dog when I could be congratulating the coyote, as the rest of the neighborhood dogs do. They have earned another day of survival. I imagine their howling as being a way of thanking the dead animal for their victory. It's a give and take, both parties exist in the relationship. One can't exist without the other. Without life, there is no death. When the Sun transcends into its orgasm, is when the Moon rules. She has many faces and many archetypes that can be related to the various myths of Greek Goddesses. Which Greek Goddess would symbolize the New Moon in Libra?

The New Moon first of all, reflects the shadow within the self. That which we are most scared to see. It represents the time when there is no light but only darkness, figuratively and literally, the moon is not there! It's dark for three nights. During these three nights we are to question what about ourselves need to change or what part of ourselves we need to change our perspective on. The New Moon also represents the beginning of the new gestation cycle, it's a very plutonic experience; death and rebirth of the self. Death and destruction are not the end though. Through the cracks of the former structure's crumbling walls shines the light of potential newness. Constantly putting super glue and duct tape on an inevitably falling world view can be a devastating existence causing mental breakdowns, health problems and an illusory reality. Back in the old days, when electricity didn't exist; work would cease during a New Moon because it was impossible to see at night. It was a time when sitting around and thinking, reflecting and introspection was accepted as a natural cause to the environment. We've lost all of that and it's only been like 140 years since electricity was first used in houses.

This New moon is coming to the party with a sextile to Saturn. This is quite a constructive aspect to a New Moon in Libra as Saturn finds a good home in her. Saturn respects Libra's ability to discern what is fair and what is not and he allows Libra the time she requires to make the appropriate decisions.

Saturn's relationship to Neptune on the other hand... causes some fear towards our academic and political structures. These walls that were previously mentioned must come down with the help of humanity and love for all beings - not harshness or hate.

Libra New Moon

Libra's shadow self is most definitely indulgence, laziness and codependency. Libra, during her darkest phase, is a helpless lost mouse of a woman who has no self confidence, indulges in sweets and alcohol and partakes in shallow forms of socializing. She sees beauty as righteousness and ugly as evil. Her ability to discern between who is a true friend and who is a shallow acquaintance is blurred. She uses her friendships to clime to a higher social notoriety. The beauty of the Zodiac is that everyone posses the potential for all forms of archetypal expressions that the Zodiac prescribes. Anyone of you could one day become that shadow side of Libra, may be falling into that role now or was once that person or some shade of it. I'm here to tell you, it's ok. The moment we realize how low our souls can travel in this murky reality that is ruled by Saturn is the instant we shed light on those dark spaces within us. Death happens in the dark.

During this New Moon in Libra, lets all acknowledge those parts of us that have felt codependent. Question when the last time you felt that way was, why did you feel that way and what did you do to alleviate that within you. Was your coping mechanism healthy or more destructive?

Let's explore what it really means to be a friend vs a convenient companion. Who are the people you call on when you are bored vs when you need good advice. Are they the same or do you compartmentalize these relationships?

When you've come to understand the potential darkness that dwells within you, let it go.

Say Namaste, but you can go!


New Moon Mantras

I am Independent

I am greatfull for those who challenge me to stand alone

I have fear but am willing to shed light on those fears

I forgive myself for succumbing to another's will

I understand that loneliness comes from within and to alleviate that I must be friends with myself

The people I surround myself with do not make me who I am


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