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Mercury and Psychic Ability

Image by Rosie Sayers

Many astrologers believe that psychic ability is shown in the astrology chart by planets dwelling in the 4th, 8th, and 12th houses. They might also say that Mercury shows psychic ability in aspect to Neptune. While these are true, most psychics will tell you that everyone is psychic. The intuition of a person is similar to a muscle in the body; if you exercise it, it will become stronger and more capable. A great way to find out how you, specifically, can become more psychic is to ask your astrologer while having your chart read. But if you aren’t able to do that, here are some suggestions that may help, based upon Mercury’s direction, sign, or house in your chart. Mercury is the messenger planet. In mythology, Mercury delivers messages, in person, to and from the gods!

Mercury in the Earth signs: Earth signs are more focused than non-earth signs on the physical five senses. That is touch, taste, smell, hear, and see. There is also a few more. One of which is sensing equilibrium. An example of this is when you are standing on a boat, and your body responds by helping you balance, or how if you close your eyes while in the passenger’s seat of a car, you know if the car is going fast or slow. The body can pick up on the smallest changes, wired for survival. Mercury in an Earth sign should tell you that the subtle changes in the way your body feels is psychic energy speaking to you. I personally, have Mercury in Taurus. Sometimes when I pull tarot cards, I lay the cards face down and spread them out. I move my hand over the pile. The spot where I feel a very minute unintentional wobble, is where the card I need is hiding. If you have Mercury in an Earth sign, you may also be very good with oracle cards, pendulums, or rune stones, knowing when your body has felt the right vibration, or change in temperature. Ask the universe to show your specific “cue.” Your body may also warn you about actions, or confirm them. I have met two different people who say that when their left hand itches, they know that they will make money that day. Likewise, if I am walking toward my car and my body feels shaky, I will stall an extra 5 minutes or so before I take off, because I consider it a warning.

"If your body and mind are in unison, your body will tell your mind what it already knows."

Mercury in the fire signs denotes that psychic messages come quickly and confidently. While the ecliptic is considered a wheel, with no end and no beginning, we generally consider Aries the first of the twelve signs, which hints at the fire signs’ fearlessness. To have Mercury in this sign, demonstrates the natives’ confidence in the messages delivered to them and from them. While most people will hem and haw over doubt, fire signs can and should trust their first impulses when it comes to psychic messages. Earlier this year, I asked a friend to interpret my tarot cards for me. He had zero experience in doing this, and initially told me couldn’t do it. I told him, “Just tell me what you think the pictures are saying. You don't need to know the symbolism behind them.” It was a fantastic and accurate reading, with a high level of insight that I didn’t see coming. Tell a person with Mercury in an air sign that what they want to know or learn is possible, and it will be so.

Check back for part II of Mercury and Psychic Ability


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