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Heart Trumps Ego

Heart Trumps Ego

Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 at 11:30 am PST

The Total Solar Eclipse this August 21st is causing quite a craze in North America due to the rare occurrence of its totality spanning the entirety of the United States. Much talk is happening with regard to the threat of Trump’s Presidency in correlation to the Total Solar Eclipse. This shouldn’t be surprising since Trump, being a Leo Rising will experience the Solar Eclipse exactly on his ascendant as well as well as some other ominous configurations. August 22nd, right after the Eclipse, the Sun will meet with Regulus, a fixed star located in the Leo constellation that makes up the chest portion of the lion in the sky. In Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, she describes Regulus as being an honorable and loyal leader of the people until a deep need for revenge creeps into the heart of the leader. Once the need for revenge emerges, there is no turning back and the eventual collapse of the leader is imminent because it is the desire for revenge that becomes the ultimate demise through self-sabotage and divisive tactics.

The Leo / Aquarius Axis

In order to understand what our shadow is, it’s important to look at the opposite of Leo, over to Aquarius. What I have come to see in Astrology is that the shadow of one sign is the fear of it’s opposition. Leo’s ultimate fear is to dissolve into the crowd of faces, never being noticed for their creative efforts. Leo is the friend who talks over everyone else because they just need to make sure that what they say is heard amongst the group, no matter if they have to shout it out to get their point across. Everyone is working on their own individual shadow, of course, but the theme of the Aquarius/Leo axis is to be seen, but for the good of the whole.


Leo loves fame but what happens when he gets too much of it? The underbelly of Leo is not having anywhere to hide when all of your faults and evils are projected out onto social media. Leo and Aquarius both attract and repel one another because without Aquarius, Leo wouldn’t have a crowd to watch him act out the ego, but Aquarius can be quite an unapologetic judge. Aquarius is associated with large groups of people and the vast networks that keep people connected such as community.

All eyes will be on the mighty regal lion while the group mentality begs to differ. To emphasize this theme, Uranus will be making an exact aspect to the Solar Eclipse making him a big influence on the direction of the energies. Uranus just recently went retrograde too, so we can expect the unexpected with him. There are a lot of opinions coming in multiple directions very strong and many people and organizations that believe their way is the right way without much empathy, all feeling like they need to make their voices heard.


A huge concept and one that goes right in line with Aquarius is the need for community. The communities that we dreamt about seem to be in the distant past and unattainable because of how idealistic they seemed. But within the collective, we are pining for a community once again. There are more people on this earth and we are much more connected than we’ve ever been, yet there is still an abundance of loneliness and longing to commune; to sit down and have weekly meals together, share a communal space and the responsibilities of raising kids. Why does every household need to have a lawn mower when we could all be sharing the brunt of the responsibility of survival? Aquarius asks these questions. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse asked these questions and now the Solar Eclipse wants to take action. How will you connect with other humans on an empathetic and emotional level outside of your computer/ phone screen?

On the political and global level this Solar Eclipse looks really dicey, but let’s go deeper into the macrocosm, to the individual experience which is a lot less doom and gloom, but actually quite mystical and revolutionary.

The Portals are Open

Now for the fun stuff

Eclipses are magical times because they line up with Rahu and Ketu, the Great Serpent in the Sky. The Serpent has always been connected with the Divine Feminine, which can either bring great omens or harsh realities. The Divine Femme spirit when in her fullest power reacts judiciously, governing difficult decisions between life and death. Rahu and Ketu are the gate keepers along with Saturn (another divine femme figure) of alternate dimensional realms. The serpent can open the door to new realities, visions and mystical experiences and also, close them for those deemed unworthy. The portals for soul evolution are open now and it's your chance to actualize a dream.

When working with Eclipse energy, please be reminded that the Eclipse cycles are much longer than the monthly New and Full Moon. Eclipse season happens every 6 months and is the beginning/end of major cycles and projects that we put out. When setting intentions for the upcoming Solar Eclipse, it’s advantageous to look at the last Leo/Aquarius Eclipse axis. This happened in January 2008 to July 2009. A lot has changed and evolved since then, but you may find it helpful to remember back to those times and see what similarities in the psyche and the collective are arising for you now. Often times you will be able to recognize a sizable shift wether it be a job change, massive loss or an exciting new prospect. Eclipses bring along with them big changes that can be realized after about 3 months. If nothing happens to you right away, it’s ok because the energy of an Eclipse lasts until the next cycle, which will be in January of 2018.

The Sun will be cloaked in darkness, the internal realm of feminine mystery. The Divine Femme will be casting her shadow along the whole continent of the United States of America to illuminate what has been hidden. This is a massive time of awakening for everyone on Earth, especially those in direct connection to the States. The movement in our solar system aids in the progression we crave here as humans, to fulfill or wash away that which no longer serves us in order to make room for the new. Sometimes these growth spurts can be painful. Hey, we don’t call it the shadow for nothing but do know that you aren’t the only one going through these Eclipse feels. You have a network (Aquarius) of people surrounding you who are all tapped into collective energies. If you’re surfing through this Eclipse like it’s no thing, take some time to check in with your community. See where they’re at and what you can do to better serve them. Almost everyone will be going through some sort of transition, wether it’s a new job, new home or new friends so let’s use this time to shift the consciousness of America for the greater good of humanity.

List of Major Aspects for August Full Moon Aquarius 15°25’ at 11:11!!!

August 7 Lunar Eclipse Aquarius /Leo 15°30’ at 11:20 am

August 8 Moon conjuncts Ketu (South Node) in Aquarius 24°10’ at 3:55 pm

August 12 Mercury Rx Virgo 11°38’ at 6 pm

August 15 Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn 17°18’ at 4:11am

August 16 Sun conjuncts Rahu (North Node) in Leo 24°13’ Leo at 3:11pm

August 21 Solar Eclipse Leo/Aquarius 28°50’ at 11:30 am New Moon Leo 28°50’ at 11:30 am

August 22 Sun moves in Virgo 3:22 pm

August 26 Mars conjuncts Rahu in Leo 9:51 pm


Evelyn Von Zuel Astrom Council “Knowing yourself is the beginning to all wisdom” - Socrates.

Sources: Past Eclipse cycles Solar and Lunar Eclipse times

Brady's Book of Fixed Stars by Bernadette Brady

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