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September Astro Report

Virgo Season

The Month Ahead

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Virgo season is upon us and now is the time when we sift through the information that we received during the Leo New Moon Eclipse to better understand where we’re headed. But first and foremost this is the season to do the labor and harvest the fields before we are able to rejoice in the juices of our handiwork. The Sun’s light is waning in the day time sky, getting ready for his descent into the underworld where he will meet his eventual death to then be reborn in spring. We know now, that the Sun will always come back to us in Aries, being reborn as a vigilant hero. The kiddies are going back to school and we use Virgo time to stock up on supplies, prep for the future and put in the daytime labor in order to reap a bountiful Samhain.

Mercury goes direct on September 5th allowing the self doubt to clear away and will be playing an important role in our Full Moon ceremonies. Mercury will be exactly trine to Uranus during the Full Moon in Pisces on September 6th at 12:02 am. A couple of things can come out of this aspect. Uranus is the planet that ruffles everyone’s feathers. It likes to throw a wrench in the cog just to experience something ‘different’. Luckily this is for the better since Uranus and Mercury’s aspect is a harmonious one. We start to hear a sense of authority in our voices as confidence and decisiveness rises. For those who are typically soft spoken you feel this energy pushing you to speak up for yourself and defend whichever counter culture you belong to. On the other hand, This aspect can give rise to a larger sense of self that may need to be washed away with the Full Moon in Pisces and can cause some existential difficulties.

The Full Moon will be paired with an almost exact conjunction with Neptune, the planet of mystical, spiritual experiences that takes us to alternate dimensions of being. There is ample opportunity to lift the veil of any self deception we had been creating for ourselves as Full Moons reveal to us what needs to be shed. This can be a painful transition for those who live more in the 3rd dimensional plane of individuality, separation from the whole. If you are feeling a pull towards unity with source now is the time to create a practice for yourself.

Full Moon in Pisces has a Sun opposition in Virgo. This is a great time to eliminate any obsessive rituals that you use as a pathway to perfection in order to gain a new set of spiritual skills that will aid in your soul development. Take self care seriously for this Full Moon as you will be called to help others in need and when you drain yourself of all of your own resources you cannot be of any help to others.

For more information on the Healer’s Moon / Full Moon Pisces you can read my post on it from last year.

The New Moon in Virgo falls on September 19th and is met with an opposition to Chiron. It can feel like all of your hard work is not paying off and that you’re just pushing your face down deeper into your computer/paper/work bench but believe me this is all for something! The Maiden Moon has got some plans for us but it requires that we work for it. Ease yourself into the methodical rhythm of the ambient sounds you make while you work, listen to the subtle changes each movement makes. Acknowledging your present self i.e. the breath, the sounds and smells help to ease any frustrations that bubble up from long, tedious projects. More on the New Moon in Virgo to come.

Astrologically, the coming month shows opportunities for productivity and generous servitude towards others. Virgo is specific with details and having accurate information is critical now. Mercury going direct on September 5th will aid in a productive 3 weeks before the Sun moves into social Libra. If you are feeling sheltered or stuffed away focusing heavily on daily chores and tasks it’s ok! Now is the time to sweep the floors of our pitted solar plexus to make room for the Autumnal Equinox come September 22nd. The Autumnal Equinox is when the Sun enters 0° 0’ Libra marking the first official day of fall. The Sun and Moon hold equal space in the sky just as it does during the Spring Equinox every year. After the Equinox we will have plenty of time for light chit chat, socializing and celebration but for now let’s harness the powers of Virgo and get shit done!

The Astro Weather Report for September 2017

All times are set for Pacific Standard Time

September 4

Celebrate! Plans move forward and projects become a reality!

Mercury stations to go direct

September 5

Details details details. What health plans have you been neglecting lately? Time to focus our energy on our bodies and follow a well structured health regime.

Mars enters Virgo 0° 00’ || 3:02 am

Mercury goes direct in Leo 28° 25’ || 4:51 am

Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces 12° 49’ Rx || 10:07 pm

September 6

The Healer’s Moon opens us up to the emotional needs of every living being on our planet. Don't feel trapped by victim mentality, rise above the pain to be an emotional support for those who need you.

Full Moon in Pisces 13° 53’ || 12:02 am

September 9

Digging up better and brighter opportunities for productivity is great today.

The emotional tides can be erratic but continuing focused on work and the task at hand will help to resolve anxieties. Mercury enters Virgo, mental agility is heightened!

Sun in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn 16° 56’ || 3:28 am

Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aries 27° 59’ || 5:55 am

Mercury enters Virgo 0° 00’ || 7:52 pm

September 13

Difficult aspects between Sun and Saturn make it harder to actualize plans and create structure. Saturn will block a lot of the Sun’s desires for progress but also push it to work harder towards work related goals.

Sun in Virgo squares Saturn in Capricorn 21° 29’ || 7:43 pm

September 14

Love and loyalty are key words for how to plan ahead. Venus Conjuncts North Node opening pathways to fresh starts and new loves! This may feel like a vulnerable time for some as Pluto opens us up to the raw emotions of a Cancer Moon leaving us feeling insecure.

Venus Conjuncts North Node in Leo 23° 58’ || 7:22 pm

Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn 16° 54’ || 7:51 pm

September 19

Thinking more critically about your love life? It’s ok, we all are. Venus enters picky Virgo where we take a second look at how our relationships are functioning. Passion projects and art work now are up for review as well. Take some time out of working to look critically at what you have created for a well rounded view of where your focus should be directed.

Venus enters into Virgo 0° 0’ || 6:16 pm

Moon in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces 26° 31’ || 8:50 pm

New Moon in Virgo 27° 27’ || 10:30 pm

September 22nd

Ok now you can celebrate! Sun enters airy and social Libra to soften the load of work and focus the attention on your friendships. Relationships of all kinds come up for review during the Libra season. We come out of hiding to show what we have created during the long summer months.

Autumnal Equinox

The Fall of the sun the beginning of Libra 0° 0’ || 1:02 pm

September 29

The opposition of Venus and Neptune cause disillusionment and confusion regarding personal relationships. On the other hand ability to tap into spiritual/ musical and artistic expression is extremely heightened. Choosing between an “ideal” love and the reality of the heart.

Venus opposes Neptune 12° 11’ || 5:15 pm

Mercury enters Libra 0° 0’ || 5:42 pm

September 30

Taking action to eradicate false relationships that do not serve. Political movements take action based off of logical responses rather than heart based empathy. - what’s new but a good time for healers to counter balance with visual healing meditations.

Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn 16° || 6:35


Evelyn Von Zuel

Astrom Council

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