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Transcending Isolation ~ Jupiter's Shift From Libra to Scorpio

Transcending Isolation

Jupiter’s Shift From Libra to Scorpio

We all felt the shift from Jupiter in Libra to Jupiter in Scorpio well before it happened. It started to peek its head above the hedges around September 18th. The wind had shifted and the haze in the room was getting harder to ignore, we knew there would be a time when we would have to face our deeper truths. The lump in our throats are starting to clear and speaking what has been hidden underneath is becoming an illuminated right.

Today on October 11th at 4:30 I will step into the Vipassana retreat center, where I will be in silent meditation for 10 days straight. This includes no speaking, no reading, writing or engaging with the outside world for 10 whole days. While I’m excited to experience true isolation from the news, social media and to be in total alignment with myself, I am very nervous. Will I crack half way through, out of severe boredom? Will I come to some deep truths that I have been suppressing most of my life that I am not even aware? The latter is the most intimidating part because once you realize something true about your nature you are met with the choice to either change your life for good or continue to depress that part of you. But most all things associated with Jupiter are benevolent and even the aspects to Jupiter that are harsh aren’t as bad as they really seem.

In order for me to explain the transit of Jupiter, I find it easier to relate my personal experiences with it and how it has affected me.

Jupiter has been traveling through my 12th house of spirituality, dreams, escapism, hidden enemies and isolation since October 31st, 2016. Since my Sun is also in the 12th house I was excited to see how Jupiter’s expansive effects would manifest when it transited over my Sun in November of last year. During that time I was hosting a ton of new and full moon ceremonies around LA and really trying to expand my network of friends who are also in the spiritual community. Once Jupiter hit my Sun in mid November that all stopped for me. I felt a deep need to retreat back into myself and became less personal with my expressions towards others. I felt a need to cloak myself behind an image (12th house) of knowledge (Jupiter) rather than making my engagements personal and warm. This led me to become more and more isolated as time went on. I began to re-evaluate the information that I was putting out into the world. In a sense I also became self conscious of my intelligence with regard to my Astrological work. As some of you know I took a big step back about a couple of months ago, the reason was to focus on why I was feeling so disengaged with my work. A lot of this was due to other aspects in the chart, like Saturn making it’s way through my second house of personal values and finances but on that personal level, Jupiter had a big role to play in my ability to believe in myself. Personal beliefs stem from Jupiter’s relationship to religious practices and systems. Jupiter isn’t necessarily a spiritual experience but shows us how to approach spirit through a religious order. When we engage in religious systems we are putting our faith into a practice and believe that it will benefit us and our livelihood. I had lost faith or my faith was becoming dissolved in order to be re-formed.

Jupiter’s transits through the houses are very important. As I am learning through Penelope Sitter, my new teacher, western Astrology puts a lot of weight in planets in signs that it forgets a critical aspect to the planet’s expression which is in houses. Learning about a planet’s expression in a sign is a key element to learning Astrology but the actual life experience is going to be played out through the house that it is in.

As much as I wanted to be excited for Jupiter’s transit through Libra it really didn’t bring friends knocking down my door or bigger opportunities to work with relationships. The transit through my 12th house really nulled all of that since it is the house of retreat, enemies, imprisonment and dreams. I do go through bouts of feeling lonely and depression from time to time just based on my Sun’s placement in the 12th house and moving to the desert with my husband (who travels a lot for work) definitely put me face to face with the feelings of imprisonment through forced isolation at times. When deciding wether or not to do this retreat

I had a plethora of friends coming out here during the Vipassana dates. Since it is the peak of tourist season there are festivals, fun events, camping trips and a TON of socializing opportunities, all of the things I had been pining for! But knowing that Jupiter would be hitting exact my ascendant the day I would get out of Vipassana on the 22nd, I knew it was a sign that I had to choose solitude in order to broaden my understanding of my own spiritual practice.

As Jupiter heads out of my 12th house and towards my Ascendant, I have a renewed optimism for the role of loneliness and isolation. Retreating into a 10 day meditation is the higher vibration of the 12th house; ashrams, enlightenment, release and solitude. Solitude is a choice, isolation is a circumstance. As Jupiter enters Scorpio, (My ascendant and chart ruler) I choose to plunge myself into the depths of my inner subconscious in order to believe (Jupiter) in myself (ascendant) again.


Evelyn Von Zuel

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