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New Year Full Moon Cancer

New Year Full Moon in Cancer 11°37'

January 1, 2018 at 6:23 pm PST

Happy New Calendar Year to all my babes, witches and warlocks!

This past year has been a wild ride of growing, climbing, transforming and channeling. I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have been witness to my astrological journey throughout 2017. I appreciate every one of you who have allowed me to be a part of your spiritual journey because in turn you also have aided in my own. The more I work one on one with you all, the more I come to appreciate the multi-faceted expression of Source through our human lives. We are all fragments of Universal Source, created with the sheer responsibility of living full, healthy lives on Earth and to meet our full potential.

Now, on to the Moon!

This Full Moon is going to be a big one. Of all the Full Moons of 2018 she will be the closest to Earth making her the biggest Super Moon of the year!

Cancer is connected to home, family, nurturing and security but more than that we have some heavy weights pulling the shadows out of the closet. Saturn, Lilith, Venus and Pluto, all feminine planets are drudging up the muck and any shallowness of the Sun’s rays in Capricorn. The powerful capabilities of releasing any toxic connections you have with the past self is magnified with this Full Moon. Mother Gaia is not having it anymore, she’s tired of being taken advantage of, pushed and prodded, being experimented on and disrespected. The way we treat our Earth is a direct reflection of how we treat our inner feminine selves no matter what ‘gender’ you belong to. The way I’ve come to understand Lilith is that she is the direct reflection of the shadow side of sacred femininity, she illuminates some awful truths about how we connect to the feminine. The Moon makes an opposition to Lilith on the first at 8am, then the Moon moves into opposite with Venus at around 2:40 pm. These two heavy oppositions with the Moon should be moments of inspiration to move forward and become more independent. After the Full Moon at 6:23 the Moon makes an opposition with Pluto early in the morning of the 2nd. This is when the real emotional purging begins, when you feel the solidification of the New Years resolution and what it will truly mean for you on your journey into self healing. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 so we’re all fully aware of how transformative this placement is with regard to our relationship with authority. Because of the Moons opposition right after her culmination of fullness, we will learn to step into our own authority. Take responsibility for any and all emotions that come to surface because we are the ultimate authority over our reality.

Cancer connects us to the nurturing waters of ancestors past, our own nurturing capabilities and how we choose to find security in our external world. The opposition of the Cancer/Capricorn axes being illuminated shows us where we need to become more responsible and independent. I always use the term illuminated to explain the Full Moon energy because the Moon, who has no light of her own is literally being illuminated by the Sun. Its like shining a flashlight on an object in a dark room. The Sun is the flashlight and the object is the Moon. The light of the Sun is obscured however by the sign that it is in and this Sun has the obscured rays of Capricorn along with the deeply sacred feminine planets. Imagine if you will, the Sun is still the flashlight but now we put colored gels over the light of the flashlight to mimic Lilith, Venus, Saturn and Pluto’s energy onto that same object that is in the dark room. Now those colored gels have created a new more multi-dimensional experience. One that is creative, deeply sexual, mysterious and sometimes dangerous! The object, the Moon, our emotions, our mother, our divine feminine are being painted with all of the energies of not just the Sun but 4 other planets as well. This is a fully packed Full Moon with massive amounts of manifesting capabilities. Use this time wisely, be conscious of what you ask for and be prepared to do the work when Universe says, “ok here you go my dear!” and hands over the keys to your destiny.

This is a master number 11 year with the Full Moon in 1.1 at 11°! This is going to be a big year of stepping into your truth, power and not backing down or taking shit, becoming emotionally independent and realizing that you are the true authority over your own divine will. I am thoroughly pumped for this new calendar year. We have made so many strides, successfully achieved boat loads of goals, set intentions that have come into fruition and yet that’s just the beginning!


Full Moon Mantras

I am the sole proprietor over my spiritual destiny

I release the trauma from my past that does not serve me

I do not identify with my trauma

I am an emotional being

I feel secure with every breath I take

I am safe


May you all walk into this Master 11 Year with confidence, grace and love

Much Love

Evelyn Von Zuel

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