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Fiery Leo Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse in Leo at 11° 37’

January 31st

5:27am pst \ 8:27am est

Image in collaboration with Deveny Wolfe of Serpent Fire Tarot

Leo 11° Sabian Symbol: An Evening Party Of Adults Illumined By Fancy Lanterns

The Aquarian\Leo axis cycle came upon us on August 21st last year at 15° 25’, 6 months ago. We called it the Great American Eclipse and it brought up to surface some alarming revelations on the political process of the United States, which reflects on the world economy. If you would like a refresher on the Great American Eclipse that was in Leo 6 months ago you can read about it here. It may be helpful to read about the themes surrounding the total Solar Eclipse to get an idea of how this Lunar Eclipse will manifest in your life. The Moon now is in Leo and the Sun is in Aquarius whereas during the Solar Eclipse the Sun was in Leo and the Moon was in Aquarius.

This Eclipse has been dubbed the “Super Blood Blue Moon”. Blue Moon, which refers to two full moons occurring during one Gregorian Calendar month. There currently are no astrological interpretations for such an occurrence from my understanding and I personally don’t put much weight on Gregorian Calendar phenomena. What is remarkable about this full moon however is that it will be quite close to Earth making it lustrous and massive. The point of totality is just 4° away from the north and south nodes making it a Lunar Eclipse. For those able to see the Eclipse (Australia, west coast America, Asia and the pacific), wake up early enough and you will be able to see a red glowing orb, slowly crossing paths with the Sun.

Taking a quick look at the Astrological chart for the Leo Lunar Eclipse we see a big opposition to the Lion. All personal planets including outer planets are stationed on the opposite end of the Moon, this can create a fierce internal tug-o-war. When our Moon is holding post opposite majority of the plants it feels the brunt of the weight and a lot of it is coming from our personal relationships. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is about feeling the weight of letting go enough to shine through inner doubt.

Leo represents the child within, our relationship to showing ourselves off, being in the spotlight, emoting human expression and how the ego is reflected out into the world. One of the biggest inner fears for Leo is to fade away into the shadows of existence, never having had a chance to show its true colors. Leo holds a lot of self-pride and because of this, projects himself out onto others whether welcomed or not. A pushy Leo may feel it is better to be seen in any light, positive or negative than to not be seen at all. Its uncomfortable putting yourself out there into the world wide web of the hyper critical public and we sometimes see horror stories of people’s reputation crashing and burning before everyone’s eyes. More often than not, the ones who come to the public eye with honesty, integrity and genuine desire to evolve the collective are met with open arms and absolute gratitude. Where this Lunar Eclipse is in your chart can show where you may need to beef up your representation or the reverse; where you can use a little cooling gel to settle your ego back into the collective (Aquarius).

Inner child work is perfect for this Lunar Eclipse; it helps to coo the fussy child inside that didn’t get enough attention, got too much attention or didn’t know how to ask. Focus your attention to how you react to sharing parts of yourself to the public. Is it with hesitation, fear of rejection? This energy pattern can be traced back to childhood when we are craving attention and approval from our parents.

Leo 11° Sabian Symbol: An Evening Party of Adults Illumined By Fancy Lanterns

The Sun shines its light onto Aquarius, the hive minded, illuminated, all-knowing radical, new ager from planet Nibiru. Ok well, Aquarius prides itself on its inability to be pigeonholed and that list should suffice. Aquarius season comes to the Northern hemisphere during the most cold and bitter months of the solar cycle. We start to emerge, to peak our heads out of the fox hole to see what life surrounds us. Sometimes its as alien and foreign as a dancing tree branch, covered in snow. We yearn for community, the ability to share with like-minded souls what we’ve been plucking away at all winter long stands strong. Currently, because of the radical electrical psychic system we call the internet, that sense of connectedness is one click away. So, we call this new community Facebook or Instagram or reddit and we share parts of our souls on these communal platforms. But sometimes fear creeps in, should I, shouldn’t I click the submit button? The communal space can be vicious but also warm and welcoming. During this Lunar Eclipse lets reflect on how our projections of our self-image on these platforms is marred by the fear of communal approval. What if you said exactly how you truly felt inside?

Aquarius 11° Sabian Symbol: On A Vast Staircase Stand People of Different Types, Graduated Upward

Below is a list with descriptions of how this Lunar Eclipse may manifest itself in your life throughout the next 6 months in each house. Remember, 6 months! It’s hard enough as it is to remember what we were thinking about 1 week ago but in this new age of self-discovery, self-care and self-illumination we are being asked to grow our awareness further than 5 feet in front of us, a good 10 feet will do. Watching the progression of time through the planetary cycles is like watching the soul evolve a slow growth. Watching paint dry on a hot summer day, to turn away and all of a sudden, its shade has shifted to an unnatural hue because for just a split second we drifted away. How do we maintain a sense of composure in a constantly changing world? From within. From the cosmos we see inside ourselves. The list below is best read when one knows what house Leo \ Aquarius sits in the chart. To find out what 11° is in your chart I urge you to ask a friend, an astrologer or even to get the most accurate horoscope reading you can. Where Leo is in the chart shows us where we strive to shine.

Lunar Eclipse Through the Houses

First House \\ Leo Sun\Rising

The need to share your feelings comes naturally to you but if there has been any hesitation to push those emotions outside of yourself, now is the time to do so! With the Lunar Eclipse Moon lighting up your first house of self, you are being asked to focus your energy on your message to others. How is it coming across? Is it for the good of not just you but for the other person? The Sun is illuminating your 7th house of relationships, putting a spotlight on how you relate to those you are in close contact with. Take special care to acknowledge how people react to you, it will give clear insights as to how your message is being delivered. Leo is a proud lion and loves to be heard. Sometimes this can cause the other person to go unnoticed due to the bright light that Leo shines. Reflect back onto past relationships where this was true, what role do they play in your life now? This Eclipse is a big one for you and guaranteed to elicit a change in relating with others. Think back to where you were and what was going on around you during the last Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 7th. What nuances do you see from then to now? The roles are reversed.

Second House \\ Cancer Sun\Rising

You’re generally protective of yourself to not get into harm’s way and to play it safe, it may be due to your ability to sense when the tides of the Moon are shifting. Your financial sector is being lit up by the Sun’s reflection onto the moon during this Eclipse season. Your relationship to money is one that is being open for reflection. Some people proclaim the power that money has over human beings but breaking its energetics down we see that it is the human mind that puts the power into this object of desire. We are the ones who give money the apparent power that it has. In what ways have given your power to the monetary system? The Moon in respect, is reflecting the Sun’s light back onto itself in the 8th house of sex, death and rebirth. Cultivating an esoteric relationship with money wherein you dictate its value based off of what you know you need rather than a fear of lack will push you into financial sovereignty. This is an opportunity to connect deeply with your divine feminine, which gains you the insight into your own value as a woman/femme being.

Third House \\ Gemini Sun\Rising

Attaining information so you can relate it to others is a never-ending job, but someone’s got to be the messenger. Your sense of pride comes from the ability to retain and attain information. You’re the Encyclopedia Britannica circa 1995! You are filled with knowledge and information that you’re just waiting to burst into rainbows of enlightenment. It’s time to trust that you know all that you can and to shed some light in the community. You’ve been traveling the past 6 months gathering information and now it’s time to sprout the seeds of knowledge. The Moon is reflecting the Sun’s light in your 3rd house, this allows you to share with the community tips and tricks that you’ve learned along the way. It’s also possible that your insatiable desire for knowledge drags you to the gates of academia once more, either teaching or being taught. On a side note, how is your automobile/ transportation situation? There’s a bit of a nudge from the Universe to take care of your mode of transportation.

Fourth House \\ Taurus Sun\Rising

Your home is your sanctuary and source of pride. Family put a lot of weight on loyalty when you were younger, and this comes to surface for the Eclipse season. Your connection to family lineage and heritage is being projected out onto the mainstage. Have you been considering your roots lately? Pondering where you come from and what cultural specialties your missing out on? Opportunities to reach out to family and get to know about your roots is great. Tap into the sacred knowledge that you deserve through your biological lineage. If you have questions regarding which direction to go in ask your ancestors, they are within you always. What’s important to remember is that you are a separate, unique fractal off of the family tree, whatever new direction you go in will surely add more flavor to the tribe. Don’t be afraid to go your own way, you will indefinitely make your family and ancestors proud of you.

Fifth House \\ Aries Sun\Rising

How do you like to have fun? Being active and using your body allows you to let off steam and feel alive. You feel the most pride when you are able to show off any skills and work that you do to stay fit. The Eclipse will be illuminating your desire to scream at the top of your lungs, dance it out and shake it off your community is watching! Show off that project you’ve been working on, people are waiting for you. If you need some inspiration go to your roots. What did your mom always dote over you for when you were a kid? It’s time to bring that up to the surface. We are our child selves forever and ever. If you feel blocked to share your creative self, working with your inner child can prove beneficial. Eclipses are reflective, they show us life situations and circumstances that reflect our greater mission in life. What has been your view on society as of late? Has there been much criticism for actors, politicians and those in the limelight from your end? Take into consideration any and all criticism for those in the spotlight and reverse the dialogue onto yourself. Are you secretly criticizing those you are threatened by out of a fear to shine?

Sixth house \\ Pisces Sun\Rising

Dream time is the right time for you. This Lunar Eclipse is illuminating your 12 – 6th house axis which teaches us about the macro through the micro. You are a macro type seer, capable of sensing shifts in the environment around you due to your ability to see the big picture but the Eclipse is asking you to take a finer toothed comb through your daily practices and your job. Coming down from the ethers to face the realities of everyday life can be tough and it is much more fun to stay in the heady higher-minded realms of the subconscious, but the Eclipse is highlighting how you can work to improve your daily ritual. If you move through life generally as the wind takes you it can be a great time to work with a scheduler. Eclipses bring big shifts that can be felt up to 6 months after the fact. Feeling a little under the weather or have you had a continuing headache? Don’t let it go unnoticed You shine when you are at service to those in need but take a moment to reflect on how your own health needs are being awakened.

Seventh House \\ Aquarius Sun\Rising

The Sun has been lighting up your solar first house and your identity, ego and how you relate to others is on display. You are quite logical with how you respond to outside stimulation and overt emotional expressions can make you uncomfortable and for some reason now you are feeling a wave of it coming on. How you relate to people on an emotional level is being projected out whether you are aware of it or not. You are sending invisible mental signals to people of your emotional state that may be hard for you to identify. Seeing how other people react to you can give insights to your own internal emotions. Compassion is key. Compassion for yourself and compassion for others. You put a lot of emphasis to stick out and be the most unique one in the room but how far does that push you away from connecting to others on a deeper more personal level? In order to bridge the gap between self and other we must first realize that all that you are is infinitely reflected back at you through your relationships. Having compassion for yourself IS having compassion for others.

Eighth House \\ Capricorn Sun\Rising

This Full Moon Eclipse may bring up issues for you regarding money and your responsibility with building the foundations for your community or a group that you work closely with. Does your current relationship with money serve you? What would your ideal financial situation be, granted it keeps the community in mind? Giving resources to a cause that you believe in gives you a sense of pride. What is your give/take ratio at lately and how could you adjust it so that you are making sure you are financially taken care of? The Moon is illuminating your desire to go deep with your esoteric identity and integrate with a community that holds the same values as you. In the reverse, this could be the time when you start leaning away from a community because you don’t identify with them any longer. This Eclipse is allowing you to get aligned with your sacred femininity. Get witchy, go deep and be true to you.

Ninth House \\ Sagittarius Sun\Rising

The Lunar Eclipse is highlighting your desire to show off what you know. How can you teach your knowledge in a way that hasn’t been heard before? What is the publication that you admire the most? Write the name of that publication down on a piece of paper and put it on your altar. If you could teach anything to anyone what would it be? Write it down and put it on your altar. If you could travel anywhere you desired where would it be? Write it down and put it on your altar! These dreams do come true. With Mars giving you the added energy to achieve big picture goals you are set up by the Universe. You are not short on trust and your optimistic energy brings opportunities to you. The Sun is illuminating your third house of basic knowledge and motor skills, Venus is here opening the flow for beautiful prose, words and poetry that comes from the heart. A good Eclipse ritual for you would be to sit down and free-write from the heart, trusting Venus to take the reign.

Tenth House \\ Scorpio Sun\Rising

This Eclipse is big for your career and home life. Is moving in the cards for you, a career change, new project launches? Because if not, then get on it! This Eclipse is sure to bring opportunities for abundance regarding being seen and recognized for the work that you do out in the world. As per your private life, home and family has been on your mind. Do you have a future plan for your family or a security net in place? Now is a good time to start thinking about how you would like to see your family situation come 10, 20 even 30 years from now. Are your parents going to live with you when they’re older? Where do you want to be when you retire? Eclipse season shows us long range goals. Watch for potential business contracts with family, if you need help utilize law of attraction. Jupiter has been in your first house for some time and will continue to stay there until November. You are in a good position to ask for what you want, and you’ll most likely get it!

Eleventh House \\ Libra Sun\Rising

Friends are definitely an important part of your life. If it weren’t for the support of your friends and the massive network you’ve curated where would you be? Sharing projects with friends, collaborations and integrating your creativity into the community is where it’s at for you. The Sun illuminates your 5th house of children, fun, joy and spontaneous acts of sexual pleasure! Sounds like its party time for you. Reach out to your friends and community, pop your head in with any potential collaborations that you’ve been talking about but haven’t set the gears in motion. What was your favorite childhood game or activity? While maintaining a childlike wonder of the world around you and keeping it light and carefree, you attract those you want to have fun with.

Twelfth House \\ Virgo Sun\Rising

You’re naturally a giving person and desire to serve others. You secretly feel a sense of pride after having sacrificed parts of yourself to aid in the healing of another person. With the Moon’s light reflecting in your 12th house of dreams, secret enemies and the subconscious and sacrifice; the Lunar Eclipse asks you to focus on your own healing and beefing up your spiritual practice. The new adage of “self-care” directly applies to you, during this Eclipse season. The Sun is making its way through your 6th house of health and healing, which is a big part of life for you! Take that trip to the temple you’ve been admiring, go find that yoga studio that fits your needs, take that course on herbalism you’ve been talking about! Get out there and start your own routine for self-maintenance and care.


Full Moon Leo Mantras

I am not afraid to shine my inner light

The public will receive me with gratitude

I criticize not for I see myself in all beings

Idols reflect to me that which I see in myself

I am a Mother F*ing ray of light


Much Much love,


Evelyn Von Zuel



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